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Wbi NewsBlast! 07.2016
World Building in Bogota, Columbia, at BAM 2016

Bogota Audiovisual Market 2016

11 - 15 July 2016
International Summit Uses World Building Approach at Colombia’s Bogota Audiovisual Market

Joe Unger and Juan DiazB running the World Building worksop at BAM 2015, Bogota

For the second year, the Wbi collaborates with the BAM, one of the most important project markets in Latin America, to curate two world building events in Bogota.

Using the innovative practice of World Building, Pigeon Hole Productions’ chief creative officer and co-founder Trisha Williams leads an immersive workshop experience with Juan DiazB, WBI European director and the Creative Director of Kosmology, a development and production company based between Bogota and Berlin.

Together, they guide a group of global experts through the World Building technique, a narrative design practice which was pioneered by Wbi Director, University of Southern California professor and 5D creative director Alex McDowell RDI. It is an innovative approach that combines new narrative media practice, technology, design and storytelling expertise to create solutions for global problems.

As one of the very first women in the world to have earned a Masters degree in Interactive Technology, a veteran of the video game industry and the creator of the webcomic and online animated series Gamer Girl Pinups, Williams uses her unique knowledge to lead this workshop as part of the Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM), a critical event space for the Colombian audiovisual industry that offers the opportunity to connect professionals and production companies at a global level.

Williams and DiazB implement a World Building approach similar to that of the Science of Fiction workshop held in Berlin, Germany: Migratory Narratives: The Future World of the Refugee Camp. With a focus on comics and interactive games, this workshop develops a solution-driven experience that utilizes humankind’s deep connection to story to address Colombia’s water problems.

These cutting-edge World Building events are part of an ongoing collaboration between the World Building Institute, the Buckminster Fuller Institute and Pigeon Hole Productions. Coming up are the Spaceship Earth: Frontera “The Women of the Wall” summit, a futurist event taking place in October 2016; and the Science of Fiction: Spaceship Earth | 2035 Kids Edition in March 2017 (announcements to follow).

World Building Institute Curates Two Workshop Events

Wednesday 13th July 2016
World Building Workshop

Spaceship Earth: Water Stories / Bogota 2035

World building enables us to explore the complexity of our world, allowing us to explore the intricate relationships between the multiple elements of an ecosystem. In a collaborative exploration with around 50 filmmakers, we will try to comprehend the delicate weave between the future water crisis and the city of Bogota in 2035. We will try to understand the effects on culture, politics, social dynamics, poverty, architecture and media, on one of the cities considered to be hit first by the effects of climate change and water scarcity. The Wbi is dedicated to redefining the capability of design and narrative to comprehend and construct our world.

50 participants / 1-day workshop


Friday 15th July 2016
World Building Talk

Building Immersive Worlds: Lessons in New Narrative Design Practices for Interactive Narratives

10 Ways of Storytelling Between Comic Books and Video Games

Trisha Williams, the chief creative officer and cofounder of San Diego-based creative studio Pigeon Hole Productions, is also the creator of the webcomic and online animated series Gamer Girl Pinups, a veteran of the video game industry and one of the first women in the world to earn a Masters degree in Interactive Technology. In this talk, Williams will share lessons in how to use new narrative design practices in World Building for comics, video games and beyond.

Audience: 300 people


To find out more about the Bogota Audiovisual Market, please visit Bogota Market. For more on Pigeon Hole Productions, please visit their website. For more news and updates from the World Building Institute, please visit


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