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Morgans for sale Lotus for sale Servicing Bespoke trimming

November Newsletter


There's a mention in this newsletter of a couple of anniversaries - 110 years for Morgan and 70 years for Lotus. Rather impressive milestones for two companies with totally different takes on what comprises the ideal British sports car. And we feel very privileged to represent both!

The great thing about both Lotus and Morgan is there's lots of activity and planning going on for the future, and the next few years should represent very interesting and exciting times with new models coming to market. Lotus have serious backing from parent Geely with lots of investment coming their way. Morgan will be working to tighter budgets, but what they'll achieve certainly shouldn't be underestimated!

At our dealership as we move into winter, our main service workshop naturally becomes a little quieter. So for this year, as we have done in previous years, we'll be running a winter discount offer to tempt a few more cars through our workshop doors. Further details appear later in the newsletter.

So for more news as to what's happening at Allon White Sports Cars and our Morgan and Lotus world, read on. I hope you enjoy this latest newsletter!

110 Year Anniversary Morgans

110 Year Anniversary Morgans

Next year is Morgan's 110th Anniversary and to celebrate, Morgan recently announced "110 Year Anniversary Models" of the 3 Wheeler, Plus 4 and Roadster.

These will benefit from some of Morgan's most popular performance and styling upgrades included at no additional cost. Or in other words, potential savings of:

  • 3 Wheeler £3,300
  • Plus 4 £8,700
  • Roadster £8,000

The 110 Year Anniversary models can be ordered now for delivery in 2019. Or if you're quick, we may be able to get you one for Christmas (Morgan are happy to start their 110 year celebrations early!)

Stop Press...Morgan say they've nearly sold out of their Roadster build slots, so if you're interested in one of these, best not to hang around too long!

To find out more, please contact Phil on 01234 750205 or or else click on Anniversary Morgans

A glimpse into Morgan's future...

Morgan Design

Next year may celebrate 110 years of Morgan success, but the company certainly isn't resting on its laurels.

There's a 30 strong design and engineering team working away on a totally new, high performance flagship sports car. It will remain true to Morgan's classic front engine, rear wheel drive layout, utilise a lightweight bonded aluminium chassis, and deliver in excess of 350 bhp.

We'd love to say more, but we're definitely not allowed! However, we can refer you to the write-up on the Autocar website, click on New Flagship Morgan

Lotus 70th Anniversary Party

Lotus on track at Hethel

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Lotus held a spectacular party at its Factory in Hethel. Around 8,000 Lotus owners and enthusiasts as well as 1,600 Lotus cars were in attendance. From the Team Lotus F1 race cars to the rally Sunbeam Lotus, the Lotus Cortina and all the way up to the present line-up of Evora, Exige and Elise, there were Lotus road and competition cars of all ages present.

To see a full write-up of the event on Lotus' website, click on Lotus 70th Party

At the event, Lotus boss Feng Qinfeng also talked about Lotus' vision for the future, including a multi-million pound investment to renovate and upgrade its Hethel site.

For details about the plans for the Hethel site, visit the rather fine 'Lotus Forums' website by clicking on Plans for Hethel

Finally, for a video released by Lotus celebrating 70 years and showing some general hooliganism on track at Hethel, click on Rubber abuse

Breakfast Club

Our very successful Breakfast Clubs have been running for nearly 6 years. They take place on the first Saturday of the month, starting at 9:30am with bacon rolls and hot drinks, followed by a motoring themed talk or workshop

For our next breakfast club on Saturday 3rd November, we have back by popular demand, Shaun from our Trimshop! He'll be chatting about some of the 'dark arts' of coach trimming, giving advice on looking after car interiors and running a Q&A session. 

All are welcome to our Breakfast Clubs - no need to book, but just turn up on the day. Or for more information, visit our website by clicking on Breakfast Club

Cars for sale

Morgan Plus 4 TVR Chimaera

We always aim to have an good mix of cars for sale in our showroom.

Our main marque is Morgan and we are currently in the process of replacing 3 of our demonstrators - Roadster, Plus 4 and 3 Wheeler. So if you're interested, these are now up for sale at useful savings over list price.

In addition, our showroom stock will include Lotus and an ever changing selection of other interesting classic and prestige sports cars.

If you'd like to find out more about our current stock, please click on the links:

Morgans for sale

Lotus for sale

Other makes for sale

The cars we have in our showroom are changing all the time, and so if you don't see what you're after right now, do keep checking our website.

Alternatively, email Phil with details of what you're looking for and he can keep an eye out for you. His email is

Our used cars come fully serviced, HPI checked, have a new MOT (if applicable), and if sold for use in the UK have a 3 month warranty.

Help...sports cars wanted!

Lotus Elise Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan Roadster MGB

Even though winter's approaching, our cars are selling quicker than hot cakes and we're in danger of running out of stock!

So if you're thinking of selling your car, please do contact us.

If you have a Morgan, Lotus or other interesting  sports car for sale, please get in touch with our sales manager Phil, and he can chat things through.

We buy cars outright, take cars in part exchange, and sell cars on behalf of their owners. We're very flexible and want the solution that's right for both sides.

So if you would like to talk more about selling your car, then please give Phil a call on 01234 750205 or email

Neil Furber from DRIVE 7TENTHS has kindly agreed to continue providing articles for our newsletters. This month, it's a topical one for this time of year - winter tyres.

Obviously winter tyres will be worthwhile for snowy conditions, but I’m often asked what about general use in the UK where we don’t tend to get a lot of snow?

One fact to consider is that as soon as the temperature drops below 7°C, winter tyres perform better than summer tyres in terms of grip. This is because winter tyres are made from a different compound which allows the rubber to remain more flexible at low temperatures. This improves the interaction between tyre and road, where a summer tyre would become quite hard and more limited in grip.

On top of that, the tread pattern of a winter tyre is often more of a 'Vee' shape which helps to displace water (and slush) and prevent the rubber rising off the road and aquaplaning. Further still, the tread incorporates multiple 'sipes' – grooves, or cuts, in each individual tread block to allow the rubber to flex more effectively and provide multiple gripping edges. These are particularly effective for traction and under braking.

Of course, until snow or ice arrives we manage to satisfactorily drive around on summer tyres. But even in milder winter weather, the more grip a tyre has the more margin there is for error. And as the majority of drivers don't adapt their driving style significantly enough in cold damp conditions from that of warm dry weather, and rely too much on last minute heavy braking and/or steering, I’m definitely a fan of extra grip!

So in the lower temperatures that we experience in the UK between October and March, winter tyres may just make the difference between a nasty accident and a near miss…

To learn more about Neil's driver training company, please visit

Winter Offer

As mentioned earlier, if you're thinking of having work done to your Lotus or Morgan over the winter months, be it upgrade work, restoration type work or just routine servicing, then now could be a good time to get in touch...

From the 19th November until the 1st March we're running a winter offer in our main service workshop. This allows 20% off our normal labour prices as well as discounted rates on MOTs. So some useful savings!

To find out more, or talk through possible work to your car, please call Michael or Julie on 01234 750205 or email

(Please note that this offer only applies to our main service workshop and not our coach trimming workshop)

Contact us

If you want to talk to us on any sports car related issue, please contact Allon White Sports Cars by:

Phone: 01234 750205

Kind Regards


John Bellenger
Allon White Sports Cars Ltd

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