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Orlando Business Journal's Best Place to Work

Kavaliro was named the Orlando Business Journal's #1 Best Place to Work! This honor would not be possible without our amazing staff and clients. As we continue to grow, receiving an honor like this motivates us to work even harder going forward!

All New Kavaliro.com!

Kavaliro worked with Spry Group to launch the all new Kavaliro.com this June!

With the integration of new features and seamless functionality, the Kavaliro website ties in the company culture with the services offered. Some of the new features on the Kavaliro website include HTML5 video, location specific functionality, social media capabilities, simplified job navigation, and responsiveness throughout.

“The new website will encompass everything Kavaliro has to offer, internally and externally. There will be a big focus on our culture, which makes us such a great place to work,” said Tim Arnold, IT Manager at Kavaliro. “We have worked closely with Spry, an Orlando based interactive agency, for months to help create a website that captures the essence of Kavaliro!”

Kavaliro's Ring of Fire Trip!

With Kavaliro’s “work hard, play hard” philosophy, each year Kavaliro rewards its top performers with the “Ring of Fire” prize. This year the team jetted off to Cancun, Mexico for a tropical getaway! Stephanie Bruha, Natalie Castellana, Rafael Restrepo, Angel Diaz, Suresh Raj, and Josh Ridgeway were among the top performing employee’s invited on the trip. “As a company, we feel it is important to reward hard work and let employees know how much we appreciate the hours spent making Kavaliro so great. And what better way to show this than a tropical vacation?” said Mark Moore, President of Kavaliro.

Feeling refreshed and sun kissed, the staff members returned from Mexico with a clear mind and an appreciation for their place of work. The trip allowed staff members to bond, and continues to push the entire company to produce their best work for the year of 2014.