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  Newsletter November 2016  

Big events, big news, great groups, lots to tell you. Read on and keep up to date

Plus of course our Christmas plans and best wishes



    September's Widecombe Fair

What an amazing team we had. Over 20 wonderful volunteers worked hard in shifts during the day to maintain a great service supplying many hungry fair goers. It rained hard in the morning sending even more people scurrying for shelter and they found a dry refuge full of cakes and other goodies!!! Once again the folks from Providence House waited on the tables in the garden and were commended on their cheerfulness, helpfulness and good manners.


In addition to the café we ran an Archery Range with the help and support of Heatree Activity Centre. We enjoyed a steady flow of archers throughout the day and added a substantial amount to the days total.
We raised over £3000 that will help to fund the autumn groups visiting from Battersea, so thank you all very much.
A great day

    Our 40th Anniversary – a real time of celebration

They came from all corners, near and far, all determined to reflect on the influence that Shallowford Farm has had on their lives and contribute to the celebrations. Some were on the first bus load that visited Bag Park in 1974, others part of the first school groups that came from Battersea County, as it was then.
Others have been coming regularly for years and for others it was their first visit. Some were only 9 years old, others were 79. Some were short, slim, Jamaican and with long dreadlocks, others were tall, ginger, strong and tough.



Making sandwiches

They ALL came and the celebrations were brilliant. Some came to the cream tea on the Saturday afternoon, some came to the barn dance in the evening and some came to the service of thanks on the Sunday. Some came to them all but each time around 80 of us had a great opportunity to share, listen, marvel, appreciate and give thanks – to Rosemary and Elizabeth for being obedient to the vision that God gave them and to the Lord himself for the provision to sustain the vision for 40 years.
Many local people gave generously of their time, equipment and skills to make this event a success, despite the pouring rain on the Saturday night – just an added challenge that turned into a lot of fun for some!!
Thank you


    Planning news

We are both delighted and humbled, excited and yet challenged that our planning permission has been granted. This has taken many years of discussion, consultation, compromise and prayer. It has involved many, many people to whom we are very gratfeul. We continue to pray that God will lead us forward on the correct pathway as we seek to bring positive lifechanging experiences to young people.

  WE are delighted and humbled
    Unexpected gifts

We have been blessed many times with financial gifts from funders, other charitable trusts and individuals. Some we applied for and others were completely unexpected.
We are always humbled by the generosity of individuals that support us and we continue to give thanks for them. May God bless you.

Many years ago a solicitor helped Elizabeth with some of her legal requirements for running the farm. We had lost touch but he had kept an eye on the activity at the farm from his home in Ashburton. Recently he died and some of the donations from his memorial service were given to Shallowford. Ann, his widow, came to share this gift with the boys from Providence House.
Thank you on behalf of all those that have over the years and will into the future come and enjoy this beautiful place

    The A-Z of Shallowford

Over October half term we welcomed a group of 9 young people to the farm. What a delight they were! Two of the boys had visited for the first time at the 40th celebration and only one of the girls had been before, all the other 6 were first timers and it was great to see new girls coming to the farm. SO many new experiences to share with them - jumping in muddy puddles, collecting warm eggs, herding the ducks, weighing sheep, trying different foods, eating around a table and climbing a mountain (Haytor). Getting up close and personal with the animals was something to be wary of at first and later relished and delighted in. Some conquered their fear of dogs, some tested themselves when pushing through the sheep and some simply learnt to live peacefully with others.
Playing games and telling stories in front of the fire was a real hit and no-one mentioned the need for a phone or TV. Praise the Lord for quality time together with others.
As a reflection we challenged them to create a list of words A-Z that, for them, described their time at Shallowford. Only the X and Z stumped them, though Xola – Serena’s grandson - was useful!!! See the website for more!!!

    Harvest – time to say “Thank you” for all our blessings

Four young lads visited the farm to help us celebrate this year. Despite a huge number of sceptics the massive amount of dung in the raised beds produced a good supply of squash, marrows, rhubarb, potatoes, carrots, mint, beetroot and parsnips for the harvest celebration at Dunstone Chapel. As well as working on the veg patch the young people also worked hard with Will running 400+  sheep through the race and selecting those for the autumn markets.

    Farming news

As we prepare for the winter the Fieldfares (birds) are gorging on the huge supply of Rowan berries that there are this year. This no doubt means that we are in for a hard winter. So its time to fill the barns with hay, straw, sawdust, fodder beat, animal feed and many other goodies to keep the stock warm and fed.
Despite the impending chill there are still youngsters around the farm. The cows have 4 young calves between them and a few more on the way and the chicks that hatched in August are doing well swarming around the courtyard as a tight flock. We have taken delivery of 6 new ducks that keep everyone entertained and Betty our experienced sow did well to produce another good litter of 10 piglets. Meanwhile Boris is getting to know 3 of her last litter, now that they are coming up to 1 year old.

Paul has begun a large project attending to all our banks, fences and walls making sure that the animals stay in the fields in which they are put. Two of the fields are now looking very smart, and so onto the next.

Thanks to Will for all his patience and imagination in working with the young people


    Happy Christmas to you all

This will be the last newsletter of 2016 so may we take this opportunity to wish all our amazing supporters a safe winter, a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year

This year we will be having a low key evening of Christmas Cheer for you wonderful supporters and our neighbours. Please come and join us on Dec. 10th - dressed as a character from the Christmas story - at 5.30pm for some carols and Christmas jollities. If you have a Christmas ditty that you could share - bring that too. Please let us know if you are able to come.

Dates for your diary

12th November - Annual fundraising dinner at Providence House

19th November - Trustees meeting

18th - 20th November- Work Party

24th November - 7pm Shallowford Prayer meeting

9th - 11th December - Christmas group

10th December - An evening of Christmas Cheer



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