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Welcome to the Gourmet Goldmine Spring 2012 Newsletter!

This is our first newsletter since our launch in July!  In this edition you'll find out about our range of Molecular Gastronomy ingredients; see the first exerpt from our blog - the story of Fudgey McFudge-Fudge (the really fudgey fudge); and get introduced to the newest member of our team - revolutionary little Black Salt!

And take note of our upcoming promotion during the month of Free Ship-tember (see what we did there?!).

Thanks for registering with Gourmet Goldmine!  Remember to follow us on Twitter or Pinterest and like us on Facebook for further information about our products and promotions.  We're also on email contact@gourmetgoldmine.com.au for any inspirational gold you have for us.  

Happy prospecting!

Gourmet Goldmine supports the McGrath Foundation

Gourmet Goldmine is proud and very honoured to support the McGrath Foundation High Teas throughout October 2012.  We are providing mystery boxes full of hard-to-find cooking ingredients, utensils and information.  Learn more about the McGrath Foundation or the high teas here

We congratulate the McGrath Foundation staff for all their hard work and hope the events go really well!

Black is the New Salt


Our newest product is one you might not have come across before. The Black Salt revolution is going to hit soon.  

Give a striking gothic touch sprinkled atop your soups, risottos, or even scrambled eggs! 

Meet the newest member of your pantry here

Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble

We are very exicted to tell you about our Molecular Gastronomy range! This is the stuff of the legendary Mango Caviar (El Bulli Restaurant), Heston Blumenthal's Sounds of the Sea (The Fat Duck) and other fantasies of the plate.  

The beauty of these products is that wonders never cease!  These are the magical potions behind eating foams of something never foamy, gels from a flavour that isn't supposed to gel, and crumbs from a decidedly uncrumby source.  They add different textures to your dish and wonder to your meal.  Read more about them on our blog here and check out our range here.  They are one of the reasons we came into existence; we hope you are as thrilled as us!

Introduction to our Blog

Checkout our new blog!  We'll be making regular contributions focusing on the use of our hard-to-find ingredients and utensils in recipes both new and familiar.  Currently our blog includes pieces on recent dishes from food media including Feast Magazine's Tamarind Madeleines and Fish cooked with Herbs de Provence and Lavender from Delicious.     

We'll be highlighting exerpts from our blog in this newsletter and in this edition the saucy encounter with Muscovado Sugar in a Nigella Lawson Fudge Cake recipe.  

The story goes that cooking chaos was heralded and the thrill of using this hard-to-find box of gold went to our heads.  Quantities were confused and boxes scrambled.  The result was a sweet and fudgey cake concoction which would make any dentist shake his head in shame!  But should be braved once or twice in the kitchen...  Read about it here!

Free Ship-tember is here!

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