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Influence: Advocacy that helps your business

Influence: Advocacy that helps your business

Rebuilding the Alberta Advantage: Outcomes of the provincial budget 

Prior to the provincial budget release, your Calgary Chamber declared the Alberta Advantage of the past broken and called on the provincial government to work with business to rebuild a new fiscal model for Alberta. When the budget was released on March 26th we were pleased to see the Alberta government listened to the concerns of business brought forward by the Chamber, and took the first steps toward rebuilding the Alberta Advantage.

Learn how the 2015 budget delivered on the Chamber's three member priorities.


The Consultation Conundrum: Examining Aboriginal consultation in Alberta

When it comes to Aboriginal consultation, problems exist on both sides of the table, with industry and Aboriginal communities often holding conflicting concerns over what policies and guidelines should be in place. 

Understand the implications and importance of consulting with  Aboriginal communities  as a Canadian business.


New city charters on their way

Although Budget 2015 dominated the headlines last week, the Province also quietly passed Bill 20, the first of a series of amendments to the Municipal Government Act. Included in the bill were provisions allowing for the creation of city charters in Edmonton and Calgary, something your Calgary Chamber has long supported. While the Chamber is pleased to see this increase in autonomy for Alberta’s largest cities, the new provisions aren't ideal.

Read about our concerns over unchecked municipal autonomy as a result of this legislation.


Federal pre-budget consultation

As The Government of Canada looks to develop its 2015 budget, the Calgary Chamber has identified three important priorities to be considered:

  • Investing in our infrastructure
  • Incentivizing venture capital
  • Solving the skilled labour shortage

By following our recommendations to address these issues we can ensure the long-term competitiveness of our national economy.

See our full recommendations to the Federal Government.