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10 Things You Need To Know About Sub-Sea Dark Fibre

Invest in a completely diverse, dedicated dark fibre connection on the Ireland – UK route and future proof your connectivity at a fixed price:

1. Sub-sea fibre optic cables carry over 98% of international voice & data traffic.

2. Dedicated dark fibre is the most secure, scalable and economical backbone infrastructure you can make with an ROI of less than three years.

3. Sea Fibre Networks' state-of-the-art, dark fibre network is a dedicated sub-sea infrastructure offering IRU and fixed lease price plans.

4. The total cost of ownership of a dark fibre network is far more economical than leasing telecommunications services over the terms of the existing contracts.

5. No other sub-sea network offers dark fibre from Ireland to UK. The CeltixConnect dark fibre network has been constructed within the last 4 months and utilizes the latest in fibre optic cable technology

6. Dark fibre transmission has more than 1 million times the capacity and speed of satellite transmission.

7. CeltixConnect is the newest, most diverse dark fibre route connecting Ireland to the UK. Sea Fibre Networks clients can offer their customers the most advanced network system linking Ireland - UK, boosting them ahead in the market place.

8. A sub-sea dark fibre cable has the ability to transport an unlimited amount of information. Laser technology limits the capacity of the fibre.

9. Dark fibre delivers the greatest level of flexibility in product design, business models, scalability, and adoption of innovative services.

10. Service Providers: do not lag behind your competitors. Act now to secure the ability to deliver next-generation services to your customers. 

Contact us now to discuss your network needs and we will help you design an infrastructure fit for the future.

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