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24 January 2019


Uniform standard practices for co-examinations and fewer external co-examiners at Health
The faculty management team has just adopted new standards for co-examiner remuneration at Health. At the same time, the faculty’s use of external co-examiners is being reduced. The new rules aim to provide conditions that are more transparent for external co-examiners and to reduce the use of external co-examination.

EDU IT: Video lectures are here to stay
The HSTalks - Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection containing more than 2,400 video lectures will remain part of the digital teaching at Health. AU Library has purchased permanent access to all of its video lectures until December 2022.

Internal Focus

The pay negotiations begin on 1 February
The 1 February 2019 and the following three weeks are when all employees at Health will be able to apply for a pay increase based on their efforts, performance and competences during the past year. The budget for the pay negotiations is determined by the senior management team and is fixed at 0.7 per cent of last year's payroll costs.

Workplace Assessment (WPA) 2019: The WPA survey will begin in week 9
The WPA will take place here at the university in the period 25 February to 13 March. The WPA is about evaluating the work environment and your well-being at the workplace. When you complete the WPA questionnaire, you are contributing to taking the temperature of employee well-being at AU.

PhD Cup: Can you do the same as Eva Greibe?
Five years ago, Eva Greibe from the Department of Clinical Medicine won the communication award at the PhD Cup. If you are talented at communicating your research – and if your PhD was approved in 2018 – then perhaps you could be the next winner from Health! The deadline for registration is 1 February 2019.


Mothers of children with birth defects have an increased risk of heart attacks
A major new study shows that in the years after giving birth to a child with serious birth defects, the child’s mother has an increased risk of suffering a blood clot in the heart and other forms of heart disease. A researcher from Aarhus University suggests a possible solution.

Aarhus researchers map previously unknown disease in children
Professor Bente Vilsen from Aarhus University and her research group have mapped out a newly discovered serious disease which causes children to suffer epileptic seizures, loss of magnesium in urine and reduced intelligence. Once again, Jens Chr. Skou’s sodium-potassium pump demonstrates its amazing value.

People news

Researchers to examine the relationship between rheumatoid arthritis and periodontitis
Rodrigo Lopez, professor at the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health at Aarhus University, has just received DKK 150,000 from the Danish Rheumatism Association. The money will be used to examine the relationship between rheumatoid arthritis and periodontitis.

Research into skin bacteria strengthened by grant
Associate professor, Research Coordinator and Consultant Jeppe Lange from Aarhus University and Horsens Regional Hospital receives the Fabrikant Vilhelm Pedersen and Hustrus Scholarship of DKK two million towards his research into infections after orthopaedic surgery. He receives the grant following recommendation by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

New Doctor of Medical Science in diseases of the dental pulp and their treatment
Aarhus University has a new Doctor of Medical Science in endodontics – the study of dental pulp. Her name is Lise-Lotte Kirkevang and she comes from the Department of Dentistry and Oral health.

Upcoming events

Inaugural lecture: Mette Nørgaard
PhD defence: Andrey Chuhutin
PhD defence: Mette Nygaard Christensen

You can find further PhD defences, inaugural lectures and other events in Health's calendar

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