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  The post-pandemic business world is creating new challenges for organizations planning succession and retention strategies, and new opportunities for executive development and effective technologies. Rising to the possible future means paying attention to your key assets: employees, executives and directors. Read more in this edition of the Fast Forward Newsletter.  
Executive Leadership Incubator Alums Rise to the C-Suite

Reaching the top seat in any organization takes immense commitment, strong leadership skills and broad business knowledge, and two recently promoted Farm Credit CEOs credit their success in part to the FCCS Executive Leadership Incubator (ELI).

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  AgCountry Board “Holds the Edge” on Sea Kayaking Adventure  
  Team bonds are built and strengthened by shared experiences, whether it’s overcoming a significant business challenge or tackling a new outdoor experience head on. AgCountry Farm Credit Services recognizes this, and for years its board has engaged in experiential development programs – most recently paddling out onto Lake Superior during an FCCS “Holding the Edge” sea kayaking program.
    The 5 Keys to Retaining Employees in a Challenging Job Market

Thanks to the pandemic, hybrid and remote work are here to stay as employees rethink the place work has in their lives. Leaders should take steps to retain and help employees thrive. Read on to learn five actionable insights to help retain your top talent.    READ MORE >
  FORWARD THINKING CONCEPTS: Wellbeing in the Digital Age

There’s no question about it, we’re surrounded by technology and we depend on it every day, to wake up, get ready, cook, drive…and, yes, to talk. And while technology allows us to stay connected and conduct our businesses efficiently, it can also be both distracting and draining. We’re constantly interrupted by our devices, and expected to be available 24/7 to the point that we’ve lost our ability to set reasonable boundaries on our availability and productivity limits. READ MORE >
Instant Environmental Screening
With farmland prices in some areas up 20% since just the beginning of 2022, assessing the viability of any property is more important than ever before lending on it or purchasing it. RADIUS from Passkey Partner CREtelligent is an interactive, online tool that delivers cost-effective environmental due diligence support. READ MORE >
It’s an easy risk management tool that can protect both the lender and the borrower.

- Daria Milburn, 
Product Manager, CREtelligent
FCCS Undertakes Farm Credit Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber risks are propagating faster and faster, making it essential for institutions to understand their current risk exposure and identify ways to mitigate it. Farm Credit’s cyber insurance provides coverage with both the Farm Credit Captive Insurance Company and purchased through the commercial insurance market to all System organizations, but needs and dangers continually change and there are increasing demands from insurance carriers for more and more information before coverage will be offered.
FCCS Welcomes Organizational Development Consultant READ MORE >
Keeping Drivers and Fleets Safe with New Passkey Partner, Samba Safety
FCCS Donates 2,500 Meals to Feeding America READ MORE >
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