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To Flight and Back: A Tale of Friendship and the Second World War

The Edson and District Historical Society invites you to join them at the Galloway Station Museum on November 12th for a presentation about two local flyboys, Rod Davidge and Bill Swtizer, in World War II. Stories and photos will be shared by members of the Davidge and Switzer families and museum admission will be free during the event.

Doors open at 6:30pm and refreshments will be provided. This is a FREE event, open to everyone.

For more information, please call (780)-723-5696


Featured Artist: Frieda Maynard

Quilts, doll clothes, crocheted & knitted items and decoupage, all artistic talents of this month’s featured artist, Frieda Maynard. If you’ve been browsing through the gift shop recently you probably noticed the vibrant quilts she has for sale.

“I began knitting & sewing in Res. School at about age 7. When I saw other peoples’ beautiful creations, I was convinced I could also create something unique.”

And create something unique she has, several times over. With Christmas around the corner, Frieda shared what she might do in order to create a crocheted decoration. “First I would get an idea, possibly from a magazine. I would crochet the item, usually several pieces – eg. A toy soldier would require a body, head, two arms, two legs, and a hat with a chin strap. I would use my imagination to find forms, usually around my house. I would starch every piece and mount them on forms. When they dried, I would glue each piece together, then decorate them. These items are time-consuming, but well worth the effort!”

Her advice to beginner artists? “Don’t get discouraged. Practice. Talk to other artists. Read instruction books.  Believe in yourself. You can do it!”

Frieda is generously offering her quilts to shoppers at a 30% discount from now until Christmas at the Galloway Station Museum gift shop.

C.O.W. Bus comes to the Galloway Station Museum

The Classroom on Wheels (C.O.W.) Bus stopped at the Galloway Station Museum on October 22nd and was attended by many local children and their families.

Edson Family Literacy hosted a mini-Literacy Day inside the Galloway Museum, which featured crafts, games & readings, all suitable for children from ages 0-6 years old.

It was a fun day of learning for all.