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Power Women Summit is Here!

Photographed by Valerie Durant and Matt Petit for TheWrap

Paris is married, Britney is free, Lindsay is acting again and WrapWomen is back to hosting live events. All is right in the world – hallelujah!

Last week WrapWomen hosted our first live event in two years. An Evening Honoring the Women of the Power Women Summit and the Changemakers of 2021, brought together 100 of the industry’s most influential women. From Sarah Paulson and Cynthia Erivo to Courtney Kemp, Liesl Tommy, Rosanna Arquette and more – it was hard not to be overcome with intense emotion… not because it was the first time I finally had an excuse to get a blow-out in over two years, but rather being in a room with so many kick ass women gave me a sense of confidence and assurance. I felt that together we could do anything. Next stop: World domination.

Today, we kicked off WrapWomen’s PWS 2021 virtual event where we heard from some of the amazing women who spoke at the live event. Check-out the highlights below and more from today's exciting conversations!

Janine Jones-Clark on Her Journey From Secretary to NBCUniversal’s Diversity Champion
Photographed by Valerie Durant for TheWrap

Janine Jones-Clark, executive vice president of Talent and Content at NBCUniversal Film Entertainment Group, delivered the keynote address at TheWrap’s Power Women Summit live kickoff event and shared a story about starting her Hollywood career as a secretary after graduating from UC Berkeley.

“Okay, so for anyone under 30 in the room, I just dated myself tremendously,” Jones-Clark said with a laugh. “The term assistant wasn’t widely used back then. So I’ve been the unconventional hire throughout my entire career. I’ve constantly been the only one in the room to represent my cultural background and perspective.”

“The ultimate win for me will be when the work we do becomes part of the studio system’s DNA,” Jones-Clark added.

Watch Janine Jones-Clark’s full speech here.

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Student Activist Paxton Smith Receives Voice of the Future Award
Photographed by Valerie Durant for TheWrap

As a 27-year-old myself, Paxton Smith is one of those people who make you question everything you’ve done with your life. 10 years younger and 10 times more accomplished, Paxton is ready to take on the world.

In June, the Texas native went viral after dedicating her high school valedictorian speech to speaking out against Texas’ new abortion law (view here).

Because of Paxton’s bravery to stand up for others who may not have the strength to do so or have been silenced, WrapWomen honored her with this year’s Voice of the Future Award, which was presented by “Schitt’s Creek” star Emily Hampshire at the Power Women Summit Live Event last week.

And if you thought Paxton’s graduation speech was good, just wait until you watch her acceptance speech…

Click here to watch Paxton receive the Power Women Summit Voice of the Future Award.

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Power Women Playlists!

Did someone say dance party?! I went out dancing with my girlfriends last weekend and there was a line to get into the bar. Prior to COVID, I would have rather cut my Great Aunt Edna’s toenails than wait in a line, but things are different now. Because now waiting in line is a symbol that things are finally going back to normal!

However, this experience also taught me that having a dance party in my living room with my girlfriends while wearing sweatpants is just as fun, if not more fun, than putting on a pair of 6-inch heels and spending $20 on a pre-made margarita.

So, if you’re looking for some great music that makes you feel like the badass woman you are -- whether you’re getting ready to go out or having a dance party at home -- then head over to the Power Women Summit Marketplace for the ultimate playlists created by Women in Music.

Click here to checkout our Power Women Summit playlists.

‘Power’ Creator Courtney Kemp on Navigating Hollywood When You’re Not a '40-Year Old White Dude'

“Power” creator Courtney Kemp was mistaken for a white guy early in her career, and then almost overlooked to run her own show because the network couldn’t find its ideal “40-year-old white dude,” she said during TheWrap’s Power Women Summit.

Kemp, “iCarly” showrunner Ali Schouten, “Impeachment: American Crime Story” showrunner Sarah Burgess, “Sex/Life” showrunner Stacy Rukeyser, and moderator/“You” creator Sera Gamble all shared stories of their individual journeys to success in the television industry during the revealing conversation.

Kemp went on to discuss her very first pilot script, which was loosely based on the famous Manning family’s multi-generational success in the NFL, got a lot of attention — but perhaps, in part at least, for the wrong reason.

“My agent sent it out, and it said ‘Courtney Kemp’ on the front of it. I got more meetings that year,” Kemp said. “I walked into one meeting and I was like, ‘Hey, I wonder what’s going on here?’ And he was like, ‘Oh my God! I thought you were a white guy!”

Kemp added that the unnamed TV exec didn’t think there was anything wrong with his comment.

“He thought he was telling me a compliment,” the creator — and defender — of the “Power” universe recalled.

Click here to watch the full panel. 

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Why Female Directors Have to Be ‘Triple Prepared’

Jamie Babbit, a director who has worked on everything from "Girls," "Silicon Valley" and "Only Murders in the Building," always tells her teenage girls if they want to get things done, "imagine yourself as an entitled white guy."

Babbit was joined on the panel by peers including "Cinderella" director Kay Cannon, "Respect" director Liesl Tommy, and "Becoming Cousteau" director Liz Garbus for a conversation moderated by Women in Film CEO Kirsten Schaffer. Each of the filmmakers explained how they broke into the business and worked their way up from directing indies, TV or theater to landing major studio projects.

In each instance, they found themselves learning from their mistakes, developing experience on the fly and trying to find the courage to ask for the job and put themselves out there while their male colleagues seemed to be able to do so with ease.

In Cannon's case, she directed her first feature "Blockers" and had been approached to rewrite the script for what would become "Cinderella" with Camilla Cabello.

"They said they were going to give me another round of notes and I was like, 'I'll rewrite this all day long if I'm the director of the movie. If I'm not the director, then let's shake hands and God bless and I hope it gets made and...'"

Click here to watch full panel. 

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