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International Year of Co-operatives 2012 e-newsletter
2012, it’s Our Time to Shine!

9 July 2012

Special issue...International Co-Ops Day wrap-up

ABC Country HourDear Valued Supporters and Friends,
The Co-operative Approach
ABC Country Hour special for International Day of Co-operatives.
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How did you celebrate Co-ops Day?
Saturday, 7 July was International Day of Co-operatives – the biggest day in the biggest year for the world's 1.4 million co-operative businesses. A day when we focus attention on our business model and celebrate what we do every day for our members and communities.
On this day...
The day when the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon reaffirmed the role of co-operatives in economic, social and cultural development, in a week when our Foreign Minister Bob Carr told a UN Forum: "Support for co-operatives is important because it creates new markets and new business opportunities where they have been destroyed by famine or conflict".
It was also the week when the global media reported that co-operatives have higher resilience in economic crises
co-ops can offer an egalitarian way out of the world's current financial woes; co-ops contribute to job creation and decent work; the number of credit unions in the world has grown by 31.5 per cent since 2002 and the number of members by 59 per cent (source WOCCU); the grassroots consumer action move your money was the number one UK campaign (source Ethical Consumer); and according to the Financial Times co-operative growth accords with the spirit of the age.
Bathurst Food Co-opWhat did you do on IDC 2012?
Please let us know so that we can share it. Don't forget to send your pics.

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Thank you
Thank you to all of our supporters and partners. We've reached the half way point of 2012 and look forward to continuing the co-operative effort for the next six months to make sure we use every day to increase the level of awareness of our co-operative enterprises.
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