Issue 64 | 11 April 2018


Lots of brands see April Fools' Day as a golden opportunity. It's a chance to get people talking about you, even if the products or services are absolute hokum. "Hey, have you seen Kit-Kat are doing soap now?" could easily lead to: "Hey, I'm getting a Kit-Kat, do you want one?" It's also an occasion for big businesses to appear less like corporate monsters and more like real-life people with a sense of humour. And if it doesn't set the world on fire, it probably wouldn't have made much of a dent in your marketing budget, so all's not lost. We take a look at some of this year's best (and worst) April Fools' Day pranks in the latest edition of Sociable Folktales.   

  • More prominent privacy controls. 
  • Indonesia threatens to block platform.
  • Scandal actually hit 87 million users.
  • Employees unhappy about memo.
  • High-profile users close pages.
  • Find out which of your friends share fake news.
  Twitter and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • 1.2 million terrorist accounts suspended.
  • What the platform knows about you.
  • Instagram
  • Brand product tagging.
  • API changes limit developers.
Other Platforms   Emerging Platforms and Tech
Social Media Items of Interest
  • All the pranks from brands this April Fools' Day.
  • More April Fools' Day pranks in the news.
  • How Cambridge Analytica influenced Nigerian voters.
  • Manchester City and Tinder announce multi-million pound contract.
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