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1 november 2018


EDU-IT: Money available to digitise teaching
The second round of applications for Health's EDU-IT pool begins now. Lecturers at the faculty are encouraged to apply for funding for digitisation of next year's teaching. The application deadline is 1 December 2018.

Health offering new track on the Master's degree programme in Nursing
In September 2019, a new track will begin in Advanced Practice Nursing on the Master's degree programme in Nursing. The track will prepare the nurses to create coherence in the treatment of patients suffering from multimorbity, among other things.

Internal focus

New management at the Department of Clinical Medicine
On 1 December, the Department of Clinical Medicine will get three new deputy heads of department – for education, research and talent, respectively. This is one more than originally planned, with the reason being that Department Head Jørgen Frøkiær came to a realisation along the way.

Advisory Board strengthens Health’s strategy work
The Advisory Board is visiting Health this week. They are here to assess whether Health's strategy development process is working and whether things are moving in the right direction, both centrally and locally. The board members are therefore also visiting the departments.

Graduate School of Health breaks new ground in search of PhD talents
A one-day workshop, 16 fully financed PhD scholarships and up to 32 highly motivated candidates. That is the recipe for a whole new approach to PhD recruitment that the Graduate School at Health will be testing over the next two years.

See how you can get a travel grant for a stay in São Paulo
Until 3 December 2018, employees and PhD students at Health can apply for a travel grant for a teaching stay or a training abroad stay at the University of São Paulo.

AU invites staff and students to ‘star lectures’
The senior management team is inviting all staff and students to four free ‘star lectures’ to mark Aarhus University’s 90th birthday. Come and hear AU's most prominent researchers share their knowledge.

People news

Three young researchers from the Dept. of Clinical Medicine receive Lundbeck Foundation Fellowships
Out of the Lundbeck Foundation's five new fellowships, no less than three have been awarded to researchers at the Department of Clinical Medicine. Each fellowship is accompanied by DKK 10 million to help the young talents continue with their research over the next five years.

Millions from Marie Curie network go to AU research into dignity for the elderly
Associate Professor Annelise Norlyk from Aarhus University will receive DKK 4.6 million to investigate how elderly people can maintain their sense of dignity in connection with illness or dependency on help.

New grant to Aarhus University to learn more about rheumatoid arthritis
Over the next three years, medical doctor and PhD Stinne Ravn Greisen from the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University will investigate why rheumatoid arthritis develops into a chronic disease. The research is made possible by a DKK 2.1 million postdoctoral research fellowship from the Lundbeck Foundation.

Fertility researcher from Aarhus University receives the Lundbeck Foundation’s talent prize
Thor Haahr, clinical assistant and PhD student from Aarhus University and Skive Regional Hospital, has just received the Lundbeck Foundation talent prize for his research into involuntary childlessness.

Professor from Health participating in major project on widespread eye disease
Backed by a grant of DKK 12.5 million from the Velux Foundation, a new national research group intends to move closer to a treatment method for the widespread but neglected eye condition AMD. AU researcher Bent Honoré is one of the participants in the group.

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