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Employee Ownership Matters - Special Sharing the Employee-Ownership Future Announcement - David Thodey and Haydn Daw confirmed

EOA attracts some great speakers - more announcements to come

    Angela Perry, LLB, MAICD

Two terrific speakers have been confirmed for the Sharing the Employee-Ownership Future conference: David Thodey, and,  Haydn Daw.

Employee-ownership, when broad-based, is the key to unlocking real innovation and engagement in enterprises of all kinds - from listed companies to co-operatives and mutual enterprises. Our conference is set to be a diverse gathering to catalyse renewed interest in employee share ownership and participation for a more prosperous and cohesive community.

Places are limited so be sure to book!

Angela Perry is the Chair of Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand – you can contact Angela via email angela.perry@employeeownership.com.au. For your everyday member support needs contact EOA Communication Officer and Member Secretary Antony McMullen, antony.mcmullen@employeeownership.com.au

Business innovation a keynote: Sharing the Employee-Ownership Future speaker announced

         Mr. David Thodey

Perth-born former CEO of Telstra, and now Chair of the CSIRO, Mr. David Thodey, will address the Sharing the Employee-Ownership Future Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand (EOA) 2016 Awards and Conference.

After taking the helm of Telstra after a relatively stormy period in the history of the company in 2009 he was able to successfully reinvigorate the organisation by the time of his departure in 2015.

Before joining Telstra, his 22-year career at IBM comprised a number of senior positions including CEO of IBM Australia/New Zealand. He has extensive experience in the digital business and data services industries. Additionally, he is currently Chair of Jobs for NSW, an independent authority created in August 2015 to help deliver the NSW Government’s target to create 150,000 jobs in four years.

David is an experienced board chairperson and director. In January 2013, David joined the Board of the GSM Association, the global body of carriers and related companies that supports the standardisation and deployment of mobile technology around the world. Former board memberships include co-chair of the Infrastructure and Investment Taskforce of the B20 leadership group, and Chair of IBM ANZ, TelstraClear, Information Technology (IT) Skills Hub, Industry Groups and Basketball Australia.

David is a highly innovative business leader; and, he is also a keen supporter of employee-ownership. He is also known as someone who speaks up about topical issues, including the level of executive remuneration in comparison to others in the Australian workforce.

David Thodey is a compelling and content-rich speaker with a wealth of business wisdom. He will be sure to inspire some creative and future-focussed discussion at the EOA conference. 

Places at the conference are limited. Be sure to book now: http://sharing-employee-ownership-future.eventbrite.com.au

                Mr. Haydn Daw

Haydn is a Senior Adviser within the Australian Taxation Office’s New Measures Team (Individuals and Small Business) and was responsible for implementing the Employee Share Scheme (ESS) changes that the Government undertook last year.

Haydn has over 20 years policy advising experience with Commonwealth Treasury and the Department of Industry and has served as Senior Adviser (taxation and economic matters) to a Minister in a previous government. Haydn specialises in corporate and international taxation and has played an instrumental role in many previous government tax reviews. 

Haydn has presented at many tax and business forums and has tertiary qualifications in Commerce and Accounting.

Haydn will speak to:
● The Government innovation statement and Employee Share Schemes (ESS)
● How the broad scheme of ESS changes will impact all companies
● ESS and Startups.

This will present a valuable opportunity to learn and engage with a speaker across the fine detail of public policy changes that look set to result in greater support for employee share ownership and participation in our economy. 

Places at the conference are limited. Be sure to book now: http://sharing-employee-ownership-future.eventbrite.com.au


Employee-ownership results in cohesive, engaged and productive workplaces contributing to economic development and national wellbeing. Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand (EOA) is a lean member-driven not-for-profit centre for excellence, uniquely supporting broad-based employee share-ownership and participation at all levels of our society. EOA is an an active voice in research and public policy ensuring our members can influence policy-makers in crucial areas like supporting employee-owned start-ups and appropriate tax reform to increase employee share-ownership take-up.

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