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Erectile Dysfunction Not Linked to Atrial Fibrillation

Researchers from Taiwan report that erectile dysfunction (ED) is not independently associated with atrial fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat). 

The team examined data from Taiwan's largest health insurer.  They identified 6,273 men who had been diagnosed with ED from 2001 to 2009. A control group of 283,066 men was also chosen. 

The men's mean age was 40 years and the average follow-up period was 8 years. 

Overall, 1.3% of men with ED developed atrial fibrillation during the follow-up period.  This rate was the same for men without ED. However, the risk was higher for men over age 55, and incidence and prevalence increased with age. 

In a propensity-score matched analysis, rates of atrial fibrillation were higher, but not statistically different, for men with ED of organic origins when compared to men whose ED was caused by psychosexual dysfunction and those with both organic and psychosexual issues. 

The authors noted that ED and atrial fibrillation have some common risk factors, including aging and diabetes.

They added that ED may be caused by endothelial dysfunction, but atrial fibrillation needs "structural remodeling" to develop.  

Further details on the study are available here. 

New Research: 10 Years of Follow-up After Peyronie's Disease Surgery

We're pleased to announce that a new research summary has been posted to the ISSM website.

"10 Years’ Plaque Incision and Vein Grafting for Peyronie’s Disease: Does Time Matter?" by Florian Wimpissinger, MD, FEBU, MBA, et al. was published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine in January. 

The study analyzes the influence of age, comorbidities, severity of disease, and natural history of Peyronie's disease on patients’ long term outcomes and satisfaction after plaque incision and vein grafting. The participants were followed for a minimum of 10 years.

Please click here to see the summary. 

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