Intel® Teach Program Australia Newsletter
May 2012

More and more Australian teachers are discovering that Intel Teach Elements courses provide the inspiration and confidence they need in today's classrooms.


The message is reaching educators throughout the country that these quality, research-driven courses are freely available to all teachers, providing resources and strategies for integrating technology into learning, and designing contemporary curriculum to engage students and improve outcomes.  To date more than 11,000 Australian teachers have begun the courses either online or via complimentary CD.

News Spotlight
Intel Teach Elements now accredited in NSW and Victoria!

All three Intel Teach Elements courses have recently been accredited by the NSW Institute of Teachers and the Victorian Institute of Teachers (via Pdi registered providers).  This now enables many teachers in these states to receive credit  for professional development time once courses are completed.


If you teach in NSW or Victoria, check with your jurisdiction now to find out more.


Information for NSW DEC teachers


DEECD teachers are advised to for further information.


Teachers at Catholic schools are advised to contact the education office for their diocese.


Teachers in other states and territories should also check with their jurisdiction, as accreditation in other states and territories is pending at time of publication.

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Online Courses
Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

Learn how, where and when to integrate collaborative, online tools into learning activities, deepening students' understanding of content and developing their 21st century skills.

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Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms

Discover new assessment strategies that transform teaching practice and stimulate student learning.

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Project-Based Approaches

Find out how to get the most educational value from projects and use technology to support and enhance project-based learning.

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