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Old Edson Cemetery is brought back to life thanks to Anthropology Student

On October 10th at 6 pm, the Edson and District Historical Society will be hosting Christopher White for an intimate talk on his thesis of the Old Edson Cemetery. Participants will first meet at the graveyard for a brief tour before coming back to the Galloway Station Museum for a more in depth talk and discussion. This event is free and refreshments will be provided.
Christopher White, an anthropology graduate, grew up in the Edson area until he was ten. While brainstorming ideas for his thesis, he thought that the Old Edson Cemetery would be a great fit. He was able to uncover information on his ancestry during his research. Christopher will be discussing the
differences in mortality rates in children and adults, addressing some of the urban legends surrounding the cemetery, as well as the history of the site itself during his talk.

More commonly known to locals as the ‘baby graves’, the site is located on 63rd Street and 22 Avenue. There are no markers for the graveyard, but a small trail is visible on the east side of the
road. For more information call 780.723.5696

A Visit From China

On September 29, the Galloway Station Museum hosted 18 Chinese tourism operators as part of a Travel Alberta Familiarization tour. These operators are considered the 'architects' of tourism as they plan the various stops for tour groups while in Canada. 

Warrior Women gave an excellent performance of traditional aboriginal singing and drumming and the operators were able to taste traditional aboriginal food including pemmican (a mixture of honey, beef jerky and dried berries) and salmon jerky.

The tour through the museum was an amazing experience for the members of the Familiarization tour to see animals they had never seen before up close and personal. Many pictures were taken!

Click here to watch a 4 minute video of the Warrior Women performing.