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  Newsletter September 2016  

Don't miss out on the big event this autumn. Read more to find out what is going on and how you can be part of it all.



    Don’t miss it - Come and celebrate with us

It is 40 years since Elizabeth and Rosemary bought East Shallowford Farm and began bringing groups here from Battersea. We will be celebrating on the weekend of the 24/25 September and really would love you to join us. The information is on the website so check it out and come and join in the fun

We are really looking forward to welcoming people to the farm who have not been here for years, as well as those who visit us regularly. Put it in your diary, call the farm, check out the website, come and see us

    Get involved this autumn - we cant do this without you!

Widecombe Fair is - NEXT WEEK!

We have many lovely people coming to help us but the more the merrier. So if you have any time on Tuesday 13th September and would like a day out at the fair we would love to see you there. We will be running the cafe in the Church House and Archery on the bottom field.



Making sandwiches

The 40th weekend needs a great team too.

During the weekend of the 23rd – 25th September we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Providence House and Shallowford working together. We will need help with catering, providing tents, willing hands to set up and clear away, offers of accommodation for singles to families in local homes, friends to come and share the barn dance on the Saturday evening.


    Building plans for the future

After much discussion amongst the Trustees, with some local consultation and with the planners at DNP we about to submit our revised plans. We pray for their consideration and, God willing, approval. The plans will be viewable on the DNP website but better still we would very much welcome anyone to come to the farm and chat through the plans with us here on site. You will be very welcome.


    Forest School

What a brilliant time we had in the beautiful woods during July. The whole site had changed so much during our time there and the children became very aware of the transformation from cold and bare trees through to bluebells and then a full canopy and buzzing insects. As we left the woods for the last time we left behind a wonderful “guardian” made of "forest finds" to care for the woods for us. Thank you Webburn Class from Widecombe for coming to play in the woods with us, we hope you have learnt as much as we have!

    Marsh frittilaries on the rise

We are delighted that the management of the marsh areas at Shallowford, with grazing ponies and gorse clearance, has produced a great result from the Natural Englnd survey: "my survey at East Shallowford had fantastic results this year! We recorded 65 webs, more than ever before!"

Thank you to the young people and work parties that have taken an active role in this conservation work.

    July Work Party

As early July arrived so did a minibus full of willing volunteers from Providence House. Once again they tackled the long list of tasks that needed doing with enthusiasm and energy. Following the late lambing the sheds needed a thorough clean down, the old plastic was gathered together, the wooden bridge moved to a more useful location, firewood gathered in from the woods and the cattle yard – well it has never looked so clean! Many, many thanks to all those who came and helped us.

    Family Camping Week

Two minibuses arrived full of excited families. Many of them had not been to the farm before and found the whole experience SO exciting! We were very blessed by so many people who kindly lent us the tents that we needed to accommodate everyone, bringing them beforehand and setting them up, not to mention taking them down again at the end of the week. Thank you.
The group had a great week, exploring the moor, herding and weighing the sheep, visiting South Milton Beach, enjoying a skittles tournament, BBQ, circus of crafts and a treasure hunt. It was a delight to see the young people playing as children should in the wide open spaces of the fields and the beach, without the worries of an urban environment and the pressures of being “grown up”.

Wading in river

The highlight had to be the hatching of 11 chicks in the incubator – closely monitored by many wide eyed children who just revelled in the tiny bundles of fluff! Thank you Graham, Dawn and Mandy for making this happen successfully,
We were well served by many volunteers helping out at meal times as we fed the whole group with Serena’s scrumptious food. Thank you to them all for making the catering run smoothly and the delicious donations for cakes and meringues.

    Girls Group

At the end of term Esther brought a wonderful group of girls for the weekend with the purpose of building up their self-esteem and reaffirming who they are and who they want to be. Again a visit to the beach on a beautiful day was enjoyed by everyone.
Dinner in the evening was all home produced, the girls harvesting from the veg patch, preparing and cooking the veg themselves. Another lesson in trying something new!
Grooming the ponies was a definitely a hit followed closely by the piglets.

    Christchurch school comes for a week

The year 6 class from Christchurch School, Battersea came to enjoy a week of activities at the farm whilst staying at Bellever Youth Hostel. The week was action packed with learning happening at every level for youngsters and adults alike.
We enjoyed a huge walk, up a great mountain, then beside a raging torrent. So many new experiences – smells, touches, sights and sounds – to be immersed in. Laying on the forest floor and looking up through the trees was a challenge too far for a few!!!

Dartmoor smiles

A day on the beach proved an absolute treat with beautiful weather, a great picnic, sandcastles, ice cream and rock pooling. Such freedom, such laughter and such a joy to observe their free play in a safe environment.
The week concluded with den building, bracken bashing, sheep sorting and a great BBQ with many supporters joining in. Thank you to everyone who made the week run so smoothly, you have helped to create memories that will last forever.

    Race day

August 10th was race day at Newton Abbot and Shallowford Farm was their charity of the day. We were made very welcome, set up our stall to share with all the punters the work that we are doing. One of the last races of the day was named after the Trust, providing a great opportunity to share the name of the Trust and judge the best turned out horse! Most were generous and interested and it turned out to be a well worthwhile day out.


As always we are indebted to the band of volunteers that make such a difference. You help us on so many ways, making HUGE pavlovas, putting up tents, mending windows, cleaning out the animals, praying for the work here, cleaning the farmhouse after the group visits, loads of different skills that you share. I would like to thank Kate in particular who gave 2 weeks of her summer break to draw alongside and quietly but very effectively helped us to prepare for the family camping week. Bless you. Also the two families who have been looking after the farm during our summer holiday, we can then relax knowing that the farm is occupied and taken care of.
You are all so valuable, thank you.

Dates for your diary

12th - 14th September - Widecombe fair and visiting group

20th - 23rd September - Work Party

23rd - 25th September - 40th Anniversary celebrations

1st October - Trustees meeting

14th - 16th October - Harvest group 

27th October - 7pm Shallowford Prayer meeting

22nd - 25th October - Half term group

12th November - Providence House Fundraising dinner 

18th - 20th  November -  Work Party

24th November - 7pm Shallowford Prayer meeting

9th - 11th Decemeber - Christmas group 


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