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First footcare audit findings released

People with diabetic ulcers who miss their footcare assessments are putting themselves at risk, according to an audit looking at feet.

The first ever National Diabetes Foot Care Audit looked at more than 5,000 people with a diabetic foot ulcer in England and Wales between July 2014 and April 2015. To read more, click here

National diabetes roles announced

Dr Partha Kar has become the first ever associate national clinical director for diabetes.

NHS England has also announced that Professor Jonathan Valabhji’s term as national clinical director for obesity and diabetes has been extended. To read more, click here

Type 2 awareness images revealed

Graphic images released as part of a campaign to raise awareness of type 2 diabetes show how eating too much sugar can harm the body. To read more, click here

'UK insulin pump use goes up'

Insulin pump use among people with type 1 diabetes in the UK has gone up, but numbers still remain lower than in comparable countries.

The findings, taken from the first National Diabetes Insulin Pump Audit Report, came from data which was provided by 42 of the 183 NHS clinical centres offering pump services in the UK. To read more, click here

Hypo driving ban u-turn

A ban on people with diabetes who have severe hypos at night could soon be overturned after changes to European driving laws, a charity has said. To read more, click here

Type 2 risk tool hits one million mark

A total of 1 million people have now been through a type 2 risk assessment tool, it has been announced. The Know Your Risk resource, which was developed by researchers at the University of Leicester based at the Leicester Diabetes Centre, can be found on the Diabetes UK website. To read more, click here