Lee Martin

Hello again, everyone. I hope you’re well. If the temperature is dropping where you are living, I invite you down to New Orleans where we’re still in for a few more months of sun. I spent the majority of the summer (inside) working on a very lucky set of projects. From unlocking the moon for David Bowie to mixing the weather for Tycho, no celestial object or meteorological event was left undeveloped. Check out the case studies for each by following the links included at the end of this email.

Previously I shared how I started integrating Apple Music alongside Spotify in my applications which include full track streaming, playlist generation, or library management. Well, in the past month I was able to take a closer look at the Deezer platform and plan on offering a similar set of features for that service. This should allow us to further expand the accessibility of our campaigns into markets where Deezer are strong. Paris, anyone?

More recently, I have been experimenting with Instagram and Facebook’s Spark AR platform which allows anyone to create custom camera effects and filters. I have to say, the Spark AR product is a joy for a weirdo like me to be able to create in and I have already launched a few filters and continue to create more for fun almost everyday. You just let me know when you’re ready to create a filter for your artist and I would be happy to explain the capabilities of that product.

Thanks again for following along and supporting my work. If there’s anything I can do to help you or your artists, please let me know. I’m currently booking both consulting and client work through the remainder of the year.

Floppy Disks
David Bowie

Building an oddity on the web for David Bowie and the Moon in celebration of Space Oddity's 50th.


Putting the 'We' in We Are Not Your Kind by broadcasting a live dynamic video on YouTube for Slipknot.


Turning weather into playlists with Dark Sky and Spotify for Tycho and his latest release Weather.


Analyzing the audio features of a user's Spotify listening history and detecting how sad they are.

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