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Summer 2012 Edition - The Goldmine Gets Festive!

Welcome to the Summer - and Christmas - Edition of our newsletter!  Here you'll find a catalogue of our latest exciting products just in time for present hunting, as well as a look around our new Christmas cooking range and Christmas gift ideas!

It's the start of the Christmas gift search, and we have some ideas for you!  Every home cook you know will have a hard-to-find item they've been waiting to try.  Plucked a tough Kris Kringle or Secret Santa in the office?  A treasure chest might fit the bill!  

If your giftee is hard-to-please about their hard-to-finds, how about a Gourmet Goldmine Gift Voucher?  We can't tell you about these yet but they'll coming to the 'mine just in time!  Check our website.

If Christmas talk feels a little early - we also have a whole lot of new and exciting items to share with you.  See you there!

Happy Summer & Merry Festivities from the GG team. 


Christmas Cooking Treasure Chest

Our Christmas Cooking Treasure Chest is full of Festive Cheer and good wishes for a hearty Christmas meal!  It includes items you'll need for the main meal, be it duck fat potatoes or a chestnut stuffing, and essentials for dessert! Pudding Utensils for that perfect plum pud, and a range of glace fruits to sit atop your Christmas Cake.   

[Please note our glace fruits offered in this pack will change (and therefore so will the price) with availability.  Check the website for the current description of the glace fruits included.  Currently the pack features Glace Amareno Cherries & Glace Clementines.]


$70.00 Click here

Christmas Cooking Utensils!

New to the 'mine and just in time, we have food-grade Cheesecloth and Pudding Cloth for those hearty pudding bakers.  As well as our good old jolly 2 Lt Pudding Tin

Chestnuts & Glace Fruit

Puree Chestnuts (sweet or unsweetened) are Christmas classics and our tins are now in!  You'll also need the sweetness of glace fruit for the festive season.  Our range is always changing but includes Clementines, Lemon and Amareno Cherries

Pudding Cloth ($6.25)

Glace Fruit range (from $6.60)

Puree Chestnut (from $7.65)

GREAT GIFT GOLD! Our Treasure Chests

Each of our treasure chests have been selected with care and come gift wrapped (some of the larger items will be packaged separately though).  And of course, all the items are still available separately!

Baking Treasure Chest

Every patisserie and dessert fan will appreciate the items in our Baking Treasure Chest.  This pack contains those specialist products almost exclusive to pastry cooks such as Glycerine for DIY fondant, Dutch Cocoa for that ultimate chocolately taste, and Baking Weights to help ensure truly perfect pastry.  Bakers are best at folding and beating, but we never fold and we're never beaten!

$32.00 Click here

Seasonal Meat Treasure Chest

Develop your meat cooking skills and impress at the BBQ or carvery!  This pack incorporates a range of hard-to-find items for the meat lover in the kitchen; give your meat that husky smoked flavour with our popular Red Meat Woodchips, flavour it with Veal Stock or Goose Fat, test it with our specialist Meat Thermometer and add an extra dazzle with our Black Salt.  A great present for any home cook, but a special one for father's day or the bloke who loves to turn a tong.


$50.00 Click here

Molecular Gastronomy Treasure Chest

For the brave home chef, this starter Molecular Gastronomy pack combines all the specialist products necessary to have a go at some of the 'cookistry' elements.  Sodium Alginate and Calcium Chloride, with the help of the Pipette, will enable creation of "caviar" or "noodles" (which are nothing like their tradition namesakes!) in spherification.  Popping Candy is far and away our most popular seller and guaranteed to be a hit (literally!), while the Digital Scales (not pictured) are a specialist and sought after utensil required for measuring the miniscule amounts needed for this type of fine cooking.

$94.00 Click here

Moroccan Cooking Treasure Chest

Our Moroccan Treasure Chest celebrates the beautiful flavours of this popular cuisine.  The spice range, Za'atar, Sumac and Ras El Hanout (not pictured) will bring authenticity to your tagines and meats, and our classic Preserved Lemons will bring their distinctive vibe.  Our Harissa paste is a very popular seller at Goldmine Central for good reason (prepare your socks to be knocked off!) and Pomegranate Molasses is the Moroccan hard-to-find ingredient of which we are most proud.  It is versatile and tasty, savoury or sweet - enjoy!

$38.00 Click here

Italian Cooking Treasure Chest

Be Bellisimo!  Our Italian Cooking Treasure Chest will take you there.  Packed full of Italian Hard-To-Find and Specialist goods, with us you can make your own ravioli with our Ravioli Cutters, stir up authentic risotto with Carnaroli Rice or accompany your dishes with traditional Italian tastes like Salted Capers, Mustard Fruits and Vincotto (not pictured).


$64.00 Click here

Finishing Touches Treasure Chest

Our Plating and Decoration Treasure Chest is for those home chefs who concentrate on the aesthetic as well as the adventure! The requirements for chocolate tempering are here (milk and dark couverture chocolate, to be tempered perfectly utilising our candy thermometer, then cooled or shaped by spreading the melted chocolate onto the acetate plastic).  There's also our absolutely stunning Dried Rosebuds and reliable little Icing Bag Set.  Dream big and decorate!

$50.00 Click here

Japanese Cooking Treasure Chest

Our Japanese Cooking Treasure Chest packs in the specialist items of this fine cuisine to allow you to really enjoy your home cooking!  Starting with traditional Japanese Mayonnaise, the well-known Kewpie, and the essential Panko Breadcrumbs (deep fried tasties will never be the same!) and the much-needed Rice Wine Vinegar, our pack then extends to more hard-to-find Japanese cooking ingredients like Bonito Flakes, the very special spice Shichimi Togarashi, and Miso Paste.  Finally our popular Dumpling Press will leave you little excuse than to get your gyoza on!


$32.00 Click here

Asian Cooking Treasure Chest

This Treasure Chest of cooking ingredients normally found in an Asian Grocery Store, will establish your love of this cuisine or introduce you to a lifelong passion!  Our pack includes highly-regarded ingredients you will have seen in recipes, like Chinkiang Vinegar (AKA brown rice vinegar), Palm Sugar and Sambal Oelek, as well as essential but hard-to-find condiment Fried Shallots and lesser known Tamarind Concentrate.  Our pack will help you balance those flavours and send your tastebuds packing and your home chef skills soaring!

$14.00 Click here

Don't know what to get? How about a Gift Voucher!

We are very pleased to be offering Gourmet Goldmine Gift Vouchers in time for Christmas this year.  For the home chef who doesn't yet know what they might need!  Our vouchers will allow your home chef to browse and select from our store in their own time. 

Gift vouchers are coming in November!  Check the website in the coming weeks to grab your home chef a hard-to-find ingredients and utensils gift voucher, or contact us if you'd like a personal email when they arrive in store. 



And of course, for that special baker...

The Layer Cake Slicer makes a unique and useful gift.  Everyone loves it - It's selling like ... layered hotcakes!


As well as our Treasure Chests and Christmas items, you can also now find these items on our shelves...

New! Squid Ink  $4.55

New! Agave Nectar  $8.35

New! Cannoli Tubes $8.25

New! Doenjang (Korean soy bean paste) $5.95

New! All-natural Pomegranate Molasses 8.50

New! Pipette for Spherification $5.50

Gourmet Goldmine proudly supports the OCRF

During Spring, Gourmet Goldmine proudly supplied items to two charity auctions to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.  We hope the fundraising went well for this very worthwhile cause, and you can find out more about the OCRF by visiting their website.

Gourmet Goldmine intend to provide further support to the OCRF.

In Honour of Suzanne.

Enjoy your festive cooking and summer celebrations! Best wishes of the season from the Gourmet Goldmine Team