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FY16 EEA Program Funding Update

Dear SRP Business Solutions Energy Efficiency Alliance member:

Let me start by thanking you for your hard work and participation in the SRP Business Solutions programs during this FY16 program year (5/1/15 – 4/30/16). From the first month of the program year, application volume in both the Standard and Custom Programs has been strong. Due to this volume, the FY16 Standard program is on track to exceed its kWh savings target by more than 15%.

An outcome of such robust participation is that the portfolio budget for the Standard and Custom programs is now fully subscribed. This means that rebates already paid, plus funds reserved for applications still in progress, exceeds the available rebate funding pool. Therefore, effective November 2, 2015, any new Custom or Standard applications received will be added to a waitlis—a queue of applications pending available funding.

The waitlist will be established based on the order in which applications are received. Although we won’t conduct a detailed application/eligibility review at this point, please make every effort to submit complete applications that include valid customer contact information, account number, and signed terms and conditions; measure data; and a calculated rebate amount. We reserve the right to request additional information prior to adding an application to the waitlist.

As program funds become available in the current program year, applications will be pulled from the queue for processing in the order added to the waitlist and handled as follows:

  • Applications for post-purchase measures (non-lighting measures and new construction lighting) will receive a notice that funds are available. We will then proceed with processing the application according to current payment procedures.
  • Applications for Custom measures and all Standard measures that require pre-approval, will receive a funds available notice and be given seven days to confirm the customer 1) would like us to continue processing the application, and 2) has not already ordered, purchased or installed the project. If the applicant is still interested and eligible, we will proceed with the application review and pre-approval following the established process.

When you submit applications to the program during a waitlist period, you will receive program communications that are specific to the waitlist process, so please pay close attention to the details of the communications.

FY16 applications still on the waitlist at year-end (April 30, 2016) will be handled as follows:

  • Applications for post-purchase measures (non-lighting measures and new construction lighting) will receive a notice that the FY16 program year has ended, and funds are not available to process the application. We’ll then proceed with cancelling the application. Measures purchased in FY16 will not be eligible to apply for rebates under the FY17 program.
  • Applications for Custom measures and all Standard measures that require pre-approval will receive a notice that the FY16 program year has ended. If the customer confirms that equipment has not already been ordered, purchased, or installed, and expresses interest in moving forward, the pre-approval application will be processed under the FY17 program, subject to FY17 program terms and funding availability.

This is the first year, since the inception of the SRP Business Solutions program portfolio, that we have instituted a waitlist. The decision to do so was not made lightly; we understand that this has a real impact on your business. Please be assured that the SRP Business Solutions programs are expected to continue. These programs, and the energy savings they provide, are an important part of SRP’s sustainability efforts.

For additional information regarding the waitlist process, please review the FAQ document linked below. If you still have questions, please direct them to a member of the Nexant Outreach team: Steve Zimmer (480-768-3909); Jennifer Arnold (480-768-6985); Nicole De Luna (480-768-6007); Dave Poetter (480-768-6987); Sasha Simmons (480-768-6981).


Joseph deGraft-Johnson Signature

Joseph deGraft-Johnson
SRP Business Solutions Senior Program Manager

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SRP Accuracy Reward Campaign Update

Accuracy has its rewards!

The Trade Ally team has achieved tremendous success through the SRP accuracy campaign. The steps taken for renewal training (and the associated rebate workbook training), webinar workbook and on-line video training on how to fill out applications, has doubled the percentage of rebate applications that are filled out accurately the first time they are submitted. This has significantly shortened the application processing time—benefitting everyone

Nexant, SRP and the entire Trade Ally team would like to acknowledge those who are detail-oriented and take pride in turning in quality applications.

Through our $100/month recognition award, SRP has rewarded and will continue to reward those Trade Allies who turn in complete applications.

If 75% of your submitted application during any given month is complete and requires no further clarification, you qualify for a monthly drawing—one chance for each application received. The winner of the drawing receives a $100 prepaid credit card.

The rewards program is open to all Energy Efficiency Alliance (EEA) and Trade Alliance (TA) members and is applicable to standard projects including new construction and small business (custom projects are not included).

  • Winner will receive a $100 pre-paid credit card.
  • Effective July 2015 through April 2016.
  • Only approved EEA / TA members are eligible.
  • 75% accuracy rating (or better) must be achieved.
  • Each accurate application (no errors) is entered into a drawing.
Some tips for those who want to win:
  1. Fill out all open fields on the Customer Information page.
  2. On the Terms & Conditions tab, provide the correct Federal Tax ID number and check off the correct business type. Include inked signature in required locations. Scan all pages of the Terms & Conditions, not just the signature page.
  3. The Customer Name must match the SRP account name.
  4. If the application is a 3rd Party release, complete and sign that section.
  5. Make every effort to select both existing fixtures and proposed fixtures using the fixture filter.
  6. Provide a marked up manufacturer’s specification sheet with the extended part number of LED products for the proposed and installed equipment.

The winners were:

Burden Electric
Inline Electrical Resources
Energy Efficiency Pros
Burden Electric Inline Electrical Resources Energy Efficiency Pros

Helpful Links

Sylvania has announced a recall of T8 LED lamps: Click here to learn more.

Hubble has laid out the extensive mathematics of the Rundquist Factor on to this easy to use web link. The calculations for Phoenix are that for every dollar saved in energy, the corresponding wattage saved at 3.42 BTU’s of heat per watt, correlate to an additional $0.29 cents added HVAC savings. In effect, you can add an additional 29% energy savings for the reduction of heat generated by the lighting. What a great additional savings to your energy story!!

Lighting Controls are the future of energy savings. The Lighting Controls Association offers on-line training classes to help familiarize you with the products and concepts of controls. Click here to see current course offerings.

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