COVID-19: Communications to all - 18 March 20

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

As our congregations and other organisations reflect on the impact of COVID-19 in their situations, I urge us all to continue to embody God’s love, care and compassion for the communities in which we serve.

I encourage us all to be mindful of actions that need to be taken to mitigate the spread of this virus; in particular the need to observe social distancing and avoiding large gatherings.

This is not a short term arrangement, we need to put in place practices that are sustainable for six months or more.

In all that we do as congregations, actions that minimize the opportunity for the virus to spread rapidly are beneficial for the health system, our members and the wider community.

We lament the consequences of the restrictions imposed, the plans and opportunities that must be postponed and the disruption to the normal order of things.

I encourage congregations to be creative and adaptable as we all discover new and exciting ways to do ministry.

Click here for the Letter from the General Secretary which includes :

  • Government's advice
  • What is 'essential'?
  • What should we do about other activities? - funeral, wedding, baptism, communion, op shop, camp, community meal and more
  • Update about Synod Office at Pirie Street and Brooklyn Park Campus

Click here for the Letter from UnitingCare SA to small organisations and congregations providing welfare support

To keep updated with the latest news regarding COVID-19 and Synod of SA's responses, find out more here


I close with a prayer, adapted from a prayer by the Uniting Church President Dr Deidre Palmer.  You may like to pray as part of your own devotions or it may be read where people are gathered.

Loving and compassionate God,
You call us to love our neighbours and to be bearers of your hope and grace in our world.
Expand our hearts and vision to respond with compassion to those around us, who are struggling in this time of uncertainty, anxiety, grief and suffering.
Give wisdom and strength to our church leaders, health workers and government officials, as they provide leadership in bringing us through this time of uncertainty.
We bring before you and into our hearts and minds:

  • Those whose work and income are uncertain.
  • Those who are isolated.
  • Those who are fearful of an unknown future.
  • Those who live in situations of domestic violence, and whose isolation increases the control of their violent partners.
  • Those who are homeless, and all those who offer them support and care.
  • Those who are involved in aged care, our agency leaders and staff, the residents and their loved ones, and those who visit.
  • Businesses whose futures are uncertain – their leaders and staff.
  • School staff and students.
  • Those with health conditions that put them at greater risk.

Give wisdom and care-filled discernment to all our Church leaders – our Councils, and local congregations, as we seek to creatively live out our worship, witness and service in ways that offer Christ’s life-giving love and presence.
Strengthen and sustain us to be your people – shaped by your abundant grace, bearers of your generosity and overflowing love.

Through Christ our Light and Hope, we pray,


Bronte Wilson