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30 September 2016

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Reminder about new class 4 grant publication requirements

As many of you will know, from 21 October 2016, publication requirements for grants will change. More detailed information will be required about the applications received, approved and declined by each class 4 society.

This article reminds you of the new requirements.

Information needed on grant decisions.

Each society is required to publish a statement that discloses the following information:

  • all applications received during the reporting period
  • details disclosing, for each application:
    whether the grant has been accepted in full or declined in full
    whether the grant has been accepted in part and declined in part
    if it has been declined in full or part, the reasons for that decision.
  • every amount of net proceeds from class 4 gambling distributed in the reporting period and the applicant to whom that amount relates.

Disclosing any interest in your grant recipients

We provided information back in June 2016 around the new requirement for societies’ grant decision-makers (net proceeds committee members) to declare in their published statements any “interest” they have in a recipient of a grant their committee made. It specifies the connection between the grant decision maker and the grant recipient and breaks down particular relationships that must be considered between the two parties. Please refer to the 23 June 2016 Gambits article for this detailed requirement.

Publishing grant statements in a newspaper no longer a requirement

There will no longer be a requirement to publish grant statements in a newspaper. However, societies will still need to publish this information and we are recommending this is done on websites. Of course, many societies do this already. Regulations that specify a new method of publication are expected to be made next year.

Electronic versions of grant statement information will also be required to be provided to the Secretary once new regulations are in place.

Again, these regulations have yet to be made. In response to this new provision, we will be working with relevant class 4 sector groups on a new grants information project that is due to get under way in the new year. Any new regulations would come at the end of the project, assuming they are required.

Please direct any questions to your Liaison Officer.