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20 September 2018


Breast cancer screening does not reduce mortality
A Norwegian-Danish study shows that breast cancer mortality is indeed declining, but not due to screening for breast cancer. Associate Professor Henrik Støvring from Aarhus University, who is a co-author of the study, therefore thinks it is time for us to consider alternatives to mammography screening.

Talking with the doctor makes it easier to deal with grief and bereavement
In a comprehensive study, researchers from Aarhus University show that grieving patients who receive what is known as talk therapy at the general practitioner shortly after a relative’s death, have a lower risk of suicide and psychiatric illness than others. Data from 207.000 million Danes is included in the register-based study, which can contribu...

DKK 17 million towards systematically fighting dangerous intestinal bacterium
Every year, 4,000 people in Denmark are affected by the serious Clostridium difficile infection, which cannot be effectively combated with antibiotics. The Innovation Fund Denmark is now supporting a research project which aims to develop and quality-assure a treatment with faeces from healthy donors which is effective for nine out of ten patients....

Internal focus

New procedures for appointing academic staff come into force
In connection with the revised recruitment procedures coming into force, Health has implemented Aarhus University’s seven recruitment norms and reduced the workload on the faculty's assessment committee.

15 Health researchers receive midwife help towards an ERC grant
15 Health researchers receive midwife help towards an ERC grantThis month, fifteen Health researchers begin work on transforming their good, but not yet fully fledged, ideas into ERC applications. A task that can be a bit of a mouthful – so each one is therefore receiving a newly developed help package together with DKK 100,000 from the Dean's...

from science to sale

Over the course of the summer and the autumn, INside Health will be focusing on some of the entrepreneurial doctors and researchers at Health who might also add ‘developer’ or ‘inventor’ to their business cards. In every newsletter, we offer you a fresh take on how to go from ‘Science to Sales’.

Together alone at mindfulness
If you take the course in evidence-based mindfulness at Aarhus University, group dialogues play an important role. This is a principle that Lone Fjorback, head of the Danish Center for Mindfulness, has attempted to transfer to an online course developed in close collaboration with film documentarian Mette Bahnsen.

people news

New doctor of medical science develops improved MRI scanning of the brain
Brian Hansen from AU and AUH has just defended his doctoral dissertation on experimental MRI scans. The methods can be used to study the brain's microscopic structure and could, in the long term, lead to earlier diagnosis of e.g. dementia.

Dietitian affiliated with AU and AUH as honorary professor
Giulio Marchesini Reggiani has just been appointed honorary professor at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. He conducts research into diabetes, obesity and metabolic liver disease, also called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Health gets three new AIAS fellows
Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) has just chosen 16 new AIAS fellows from all over the world. Three of them are health science researchers.

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