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About this report

London, May 27th 2016. This report is based on the findings of a PatientView November 2015-January 2016 survey exploring the views of 108 Spanish patient groups. The report provides feedback (from the perspective of  these patient groups) on the corporate reputation of the pharma industry during 2015, as well as on the performance of 14 pharma companies at six key indicators that influence corporate reputation. Results are compared with those of other country/geographic regions from the 2015 survey.

For the purposes of this report, the phrase ‘corporate reputation’ is defined as the extent to which pharma companies are meeting the expectations of patients and patient groups.


The six indicators of corporate reputation:

  1. Patient-centricity.
  2. Patient information.
  3. Patient safety.
  4. Useful products.
  5. Transparency.  And ...
  6. Integrity.

The 14 companies analysed:

AbbVie I AstraZeneca I Bayer I Boehringer Ingelheim I Bristol-Myers Squibb I Gilead Sciences I GSK I Janssen I Lilly I Merck & Co I Novartis I Pfizer I Roche I Sanofi


Nuevos tratamientos con precios que impidan el acceso para los pacientes.”

—National Spanish patient group specialising in hepatitis and HIV/AIDS

“Las farmacéuticas en general tienen mala fama al ser muy herméticas y no tener mucha colaboración entre ellas. Prima el negocio y los beneficios, no siempre es así pero esa es la impresión que hacen ver desde fuera.”

Regional Spanish patient groups specialising in mental health



48.1% of the 108 Spanish patient groups told the 2015 ‘Corporate Reputation of Pharma’ survey that the pharma industry as a whole had an “Excellent” or “Good” corporate reputation that year. The equivalent figure for the 2015 corporate reputation of pharma worldwide, as noted in the global element of the survey, was 44.7%—slightly lower. Spanish patient groups responding in 2015 ranked the pharma industry 4th out of 8 healthcare-industry sectors for corporate reputation—ahead of private healthcare, generics, for-profit health insurers, and not-for-profit health insurers. Pharma was ranked 5th in 2015's global results.

In 2015, the pharma industry received positive responses for several of its key activities from the 108 Spanish patient groups, including :

  • As many as 79% of the Spanish patient groups responding to the 2015 ‘Corporate Reputation of Pharma’ survey described the industry as a whole as “Excellent” or “Good” at providing high-quality products of use to patients—slightly higher than the 72% of patient groups worldwide saying the same.

The percentage of Spanish patient groups (compared with patient groups from other countries/geographic regions) stating that pharma in 2015 was “Excellent” or “Good” at providing HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS


Spanish patient groups are less positive about the generic pharma industry than patient groups from most other countries. Only 39.8% of the 108 Spanish patient groups believed that the corporate reputation of the generics industry was "Excellent" or "Good" in 2015, compared with 44.4% of patient groups worldwide, and 53.9% of patient groups in the USA. Interestingly, Spain saw a significant increase in generic penetration of the prescription drug market in 2015.




    The table shows the 14 companies ranked according to their corporate reputation, as measured by Spanish patient groups in 2015 (and in 2014). Several factors may have contributed to the ranking changes between the two years, including:

    • The number of companies assessed in this 2015 Spanish report is double that featured in 2014’s report.
    • As many as 70% of the 2015 respondent Spanish patient groups were familiar with Janssen; only 19% were familiar with Boehringer Ingelheim.
    • Of the 76 Spanish patient groups familiar with Janssen, as many as 63 worked with the company—a higher number than with any other company in the Spanish arm of the 2015 survey.
    • One third of the 108 Spanish patient groups respondent in 2015 specialised in HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis. By contrast, only 6% of 2014’s 64 respondent Spanish patient groups focused on the HIV/AIDS therapy area (hepatitis was not analysed in 2014).


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