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Lot78 Inc. Looks A Whole LOTE Like Last Springs Winner

Hello Profit Traders,

As some of you may still remember, last March, we helped to kick off the run that Omni Ventures went on which produced gains of 441% (see here).

Well, it's happening again and this time, its happening in a much bigger way that we are so excited about it, Tina can barely keep her pants on.

We're so convinced that this pick could exceed those from Omni Ventures last spring, that we had to share it with you:


Lot78 Inc. (LOTE)

Established in 2008 by London based designer Ollie Amhurst, Lot78 is a contemporary ready to wear luxury clothing brand for both men and women. Lot78 unites the individual styling and attitude of London street wear married with world-renowned tailoring and materials from Northern Italy. The androgynous look created each season through the combination of clean uncluttered lines, quality fabrics and a muted colour palette commands an understated luxury and urban edge. Each piece is a perfect timeless wardrobe essential.

The collection can be found in the worlds most prestigious luxury retail outlets including Barney’s and Net-a-Porter.com worldwide as well as through the lot78 online store.

Grammy winners Kings of Leon, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Robbie Williams, Oscar nominees Bradley Cooper and Jeff Goldblum, as well as model Elle McPherson have all been spotted wearing Lot78’s fashion.

Now, Lot78's clothing line is available in Harrods (see here), a place where if you didn't drive up in a European Sports Car or can't spend $200 on a lunch, you shouldn't be shopping there.

Remember the Tweets last year about how Paris Hilton and Denise Richards sent pictures of themselves wearing PRVCY Couture Jeans and what happened to Omni Ventures' stock price?

Remember how Omni Ventures went out and did the same thing Lot78 did - recruit one of the top executives from True religion to help it launch itself?




LOTE could be the next fashion stock to surge triple, even quadruple, digit gains for early investors as consumer demand drives revenues through the roof!


Get LOTE on your screens for tomorrow and prepare to ride it through the month of March.


It truly is amazing to see how fast consumers take to the fashions that their favorite actors or musicians are seen wearing…

These fans will do or buy almost anything to look like their favorite stars – and they’ll pay almost anything to do so. As investors, we may not understand the trends that are being set, but we do know an incredible profit opportunity when we see it…

And that’s exactly what Lot78 (LOTE) is!

A look the numbers for a second...

LOTE is about to set a new high!

From There, it's blueskies territory (see here)

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LOTE is already running and is no where close to slowing down.

Make sure LOTE is on your watchlist tomorrow, Thursday and every other day this month as you watch it climb up the charts, past 1.00 towards 2.00 and then on to 3.00 and 4.00 telling yourself one of two things:

  1. I am so happy I got some LOTE under 1.00, or
  2. I could have gotten some LOTE for under 1.00!


Aim High, Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan! 



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