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11/19/2012 - 12/03/2012

Volume I. Issue 4.

Information for the required Mid-Year Review can be found in the announcements sections below and details for the 5 days of Training competition in the training updates. If your organization has developed a system for completing or tracking training hours, let us know! You could win 2 printed foam boards for a spring event.

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with the remaining classes and midterms you have this week!

- The Student Organization Team


Mid-Year Review

This year organizations are required to submit an electronic mid-year review. This will replace the in-person meetings required last year for organizations that recieve a passing score. Mid-year reviews will be due between January 7th and January 25th.

The Mid-Year Review form will be available online December 3rd. Until then, you can begin collecting the following information that you will need to submit with your review:

  • Updated MyBC Portal
  • Membership Rosters
  • Organization Constitution
  • Yearly Goals
  • Event Information

January Budget Submissions

If organizations would like to put on events within the few weeks of returning in January, budgets must be submited by Friday, November 30th.

Training Updates

Will your organization win one of the 5 days of training?

Get ahead in training credits by attending these events!

11/27 Maximizing Your Time

11/28 Native American History Month Closing Ceremony with Annawon Weeden

11/29 Two There Are – Understanding the Separation of Church and State

11/29 Pro-Life Club Presents: Voices from Death Row

11/28, 12/3, 12/5 Event Planning

11/26, 11/28 BC Leaders for Others

Get Involved!

ACC Conference Registration

November 19th  - December 1st

Boston College will be hosting the ACC AIC annual student leadership symposium April 5th - 7th. This conference will focus on building on students' leadership skills. Registration is now open for students who are interested in attending this conference.

Student Organization Spotlight

L'Association Haitienne (The Haitian Association) hosted their annual Creole Cuisine.

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) attend the 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress.

The Caribbean Culture Club (CCC) along with five other cultural organizations held Island Market.

Did You Know?

Each Student Organization receives 1800 copy pages? The copier is located in Maloney Hall 241. If your organization does not have a copy code presidents may obtain this from the from the front desk at the Student Programs Office (SPO) in Maloney 250.