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It's About Values

Special Operations for America is on a mission to elect combat hardened and military-minded leaders to Congress to put this country right. Leaders like Ryan Zinke will speak to the despots and dictators of the world in the only language they understand:


During his military service, Ryan Zinke earned two Bronze Stars ... that’s why the challenge coin we want to send you is bronze. During nearly a quarter century of service to our country, Ryan Zinke has always stood tall and straight for America. That’s why your challenge coin is emblazoned with the motto: BOW TO NOBODY.

For a contribution of at least $50, we will send you a limited edition Special Operations for America Ryan Zinke bronze challenge coin.  Your contribution will enable us to help Ryan Zinke and patriots like him.

The Hillary Papers

Have you read the Hillary Papers? Hillary's closest friend's private diaries were unearthed and what you will find won't shock you.

"Voters admired the strength of the Arkansas first couple, the pollsters wrote. However, “they also fear that only someone too politically ambitious, too strong, and too ruthless could survive such controversy so well.”

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Holder to call it quits this year?

The Washington Times is reporting the Eric Holder plans on stepping down later this year. Let's hope so.

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