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New RFID Windshield Label Speeds Past Competition

CS6720 Temperature Sensing Tag

CSL’s new CS6720 Windshield RFID Label is perfect for parking control solutions at university, government, and corporate campuses. It is a self-adhesive paper label designed to be mounted on the inside of the windshields of cars, buses, and trucks and sends a long range RFID signal that can be identified at highway speeds for automatic vehicle recognition.

The label uses passive EPC C1G2 UHF RFID technology that does not require a battery and can survive up to ten years. It is tamper evident label that also is tamper proof and destroyed upon removal.

To get a free RFID Windshield Label, please contact our North American distributor TransTech Systems 

Acura Brazil Uses Windshield Tag for Security

“We have several projects that require vehicle access control solutions with very high performance and security,” said Paulo Jarbas, Corporate Communications Manager of ACURA Global. “We evaluated many RFID providers and found CSL’s Windshield RFID Label to offer the best relationship between cost and benefit."

Click here to download the CS6720 Windshield Label Datasheet