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PWS Day 3: I Can't Stop Smiling :)

Panelists sharing laughs at Power Women Summit

These past three days of the Power Women Summit have been nothing but fun as inspiring women from around the world came together to celebrate each other and the amazing work of our industry’s leaders. From the producers of “The Power of the Dog” and “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and the costume designers of “House of Gucci” and “Dune” to the stars of “The White Lotus” and “Nine Perfect Strangers” – these incredible women had me feeling like I could take on the world. There were tears, cheers and enough belly laughing that I had to skip my Equinox workout because my abs were so sore. Check-out more highlights below!

Angelica Ross on Why She Initially Turned Down a Role in ‘American Horror Story’

Angelica Ross went from one FX series to another when she left "Pose" for "American Horror Story," and made history as the first female transgender actress to land two series regular roles.

During our "Actors Roundtable: Women Who Lead" Angelica explained why she initially said "no" to joining "AHS," and even more importantly, how it let her know just how much, ahem, power she really had in the industry.

"I actually turned down the offer initially, and that's when I knew that I was in a position to say like, I'm okay — if I'm okay waiting for exactly the right moment or exactly the right thing," Ross said on the panel alongside actresses Alexandra Daddario ("The White Lotus"), Lily Rabe ("The Tender Bar"), Regina Hall ("Nine Perfect Strangers"), Karen Pittman ("The Morning Show"), Ritu Arya ("Red Notice") and moderator Alysia Reiner ("Orange is the New Black").

Ross added that not only was she doing what her male peers have done for years — make studios pay what they are worth — but she felt an obligation to the trans community as well.

"I know that it's really hard for women, especially Black women, especially Black trans women to communicate the value that I think that I deserve in this contract or for this role," she said.

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Photojournalist Vanessa Charlot on Why Covering News Has Become More Dangerous

Every year at TheWrap’s Power Women Summit, the winners of the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Courage Awards are highlighted. These are women who risk their lives to report on governments and communities, including here in the U.S.

This year’s recipients of the IWMF Courage Awards include the all-women Dalit reporting and editing staff of the Indian news outlet Khabar Lahariya; Paola Ugaz, a Peruvian print and broadcast journalist; imprisoned Belarusian journalists Katsiaryna Andreyeva and Darya Chultsova, and U.S. photojournalist Vanessa Charlot. The awards are given to women on the frontline and Vanessa has certainly been on the frontline covering politics and protests.

The photographer, who has covered everything from the Black Lives Movement to various Trump rallies, talked about how her work has become more dangerous as the political and racial climates in the U.S. change.

“What happened last year specifically, was that journalists were scrutinized,” Charlot explained. “We were attacked in a way that was unprecedented in the United States. Especially being from a Black community and what was happening last year with a lot of the racial tensions, telling stories from the same community that is being targeted, my life personally was in danger.”

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It's an “Add to Cart” Kind of Day

If you’re on the hunt for a holiday gift for your sister or your Sagittarius BFF, then look no further. The PWS Marketplace is the perfect place to get your shopping done, while supporting female-owned businesses. (Mom, if you’re reading this feel free to do all my b-day shopping here!)

Today is the last day to access our “Deals & Steals” where you will find a variety of discounts and exclusive deals from black-owned CBD company Sweet Mason, catering business Viva Comida, Shiffon's ethical fine jewelry, celebrity fashion brand Elle B. Zhou and many more -- we've got a little somethin' something' for everyone.

Featured brands include: Affirmation Darling, Aniche Boutique, Aziz Life, The Cass Cluth, Christie Adams Designs, Collettey's Cookies, Democracy, Elle B. Zhou, Four Naturals, Gloss Game, Handmade by Friendship Bridge, Lily Koi, Maison Miru, Marie Mae Company, NAB Show, Nekohama, Petit Collage, The Poet and/the Bench, Shiffon, Sweet Mason and Viva Comida. 

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NY Attorney General Letitia James Calls for Andrew Cuomo to ‘Move On’

New York Attorney General Letitia James said it’s time for the state’s disgraced former governor to “move on," during the PWS Spotlight Conversation.

It was a report from James’ office that toppled the administration of the last governor, Andrew Cuomo, and the AG told moderator Soledad O’Brien she’d be “more than happy” to compare her record to Cuomo’s while he “continues to hide behind an attorney.” She added that the once popular former governor is now known for his “failed leadership.”

“It’s unfortunate that the former governor refuses to take responsibility for any of his conduct,” James said. “I stand behind the fact that vulnerable individuals in nursing homes died as a result of failed leadership, and two, that the women that were part of the investigation, again, were victims of Governor Cuomo’s conduct and his behavior. And I believe those women, and I would hope that governor Cuomo would move on.”

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Fashion Influencer Mimi G Explains How Sewing Helped Her Cope With ‘A Lot of Trauma’

In the panel “Breaking Barriers: Redefining the Status Quo of Your Industry,” retired gymnast and content creator Peng Peng Lee, actress Zyra Gorecki and DIY fashion influencer Mimi G discussed their careers, their identities and how each brought something new when they broke into their respective industries.

Journalist Charlotte Clymer moderated the conversation for TheWrap’s 2021 Power Women Summit, and started off by noting the challenges or obstacles the panelists overcame to achieve success.

“I’ve actually been homeless three times while I lived in Los Angeles,” Mimi G said. “I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life as a kid and so sewing was always my safe place. It was therapy for me.”

She then explained how she found her niche. “I noticed that there were a lot of people still sewing and blogging about crafts and you know home decor and children’s stuff but nobody was really doing like runway stuff like ‘Oh, I love Gucci but I can’t afford it but I can knock it off pretty good,'” Mimi G continued. “And so that’s sort of where I came in and I came in at a really good time. You know, I started really early in 2008 on YouTube, which really helped and it just really caught fire honestly and since then it’s just been one thing after the other.”

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