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  Newsletter March 2017  

Wow! What a busy time we have had already this year, Bishop Nick, piglets and Songs of Praise - I hope you saw us on the television!

Find out how we got on and click through to enjoy further details.

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    Songs of Praise!

Many of you have been in touch to say that you saw a wonderful group of girls enjoying Shallowford farm on Songs of Praise. If you missed it there is still time to see it on “Catch up”

Girls on Songs of Praise filming
    Bishop Nick comes for tea

During his visit to the Deanery Bishop Nick of Plymouth called into Shallowford Farm to see what we were up to. He had brought his own wellies and the four young lads from Providence House showed him around the farm.

  Bishop Nick visits Shallowford Farm
    Productive piglets prove to be quite a challenge!

The 10 large piglets (biglets!) from last November are growing well and provide huge amounts of entertainment as the groups try to coax them into the weighing crate. Lots of team work and communication required. 2017 has started well with two of the 4 breeding sows producing 14 piglets between them. They are a great hit with the young people.

Piglets at Shallowford Farm
    The Shallowford Trust AGM

This was held at the beginning of this exciting year on Jan 14th. The report from Robert or chairman can be found on the website

  Wheel Barrow at Shallowford Farm
    Antony makes us proud

He has been coming to the farm for nearly 20 years. Over the last year he has been staying for 2 weeks at a time, helping here at Shallowford and Broadaford Farms. His confidence has grown to the point that he has finally achieved an award with the Spear Foundation – Inspiring Employment. Well done.

Antony making us proud
    Walls, fences and banks

Our field boundaries are not good. The neighbours sheep get in and then our sheep get out! The Trust are investing in repairing these boundaries so that we can farm the land more efficiently.

Dry stone wall building at Shallowford Farm
    A Fun Day on the Farm for Volunteers.

You give us SO much that we would like to invite all our volunteers to come to the farm for a day out. Come and meet each other, hear our latest news and updates, enjoy lunch, a walk and some fun around the farm. The date is Saturday 22nd April from 11am onwards. Please call/email/write and let us know if you can join us: or 01364 621392




    Visit Providece House for yourself

This a great opportunity to join on a great day out, visiting the Battersea area where the young peolpe all live, share a great lunch with the team there and spend some time with the young people. Join us on Thursday 25th May and share the fun.

    Wrapping the farm up in the 2017 prayer walk.

The beginning of the year is a great time to commit the work of the farm to Him who we serve. We picked a nice day, read Psalm 23 and prayed as we walk – brilliant.

  Prayer walk at the Farm
    Work Parties in January and February

We have been really blessed with two work parties already this year. Each time they amaze me with the amount of work that they achieve during their time here. They work tirelessly, God bless them.
In January the team did a great job clearing out all the barns and stables of general junk – stuff that “may come in handy one day” - and filling the skip! In February the team created a great new pig arc, upgraded all the fire doors and built a new raised bed in the vegetable patch. It was Phil who had to fight with the fire doors – and on his birthday too!

Work party at Shallowford
Dates for your diary

17th -19th March - PH Leaders training weekend

23rd March - Prayer meeting at the farm 7pm

25th March - Trustees meeting

1st April - Lambing starts

4th - 7th April - "Young vets" programme from Providence House 

9th  - 12th April - Young people's group from Providence House

22nd April - A Day for our volunteers at the farm

27th April - Prayer meeting at the farm 7pm

28th April - 1st May - Womens group from Providence House

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