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Special Ops for America Mourns Loss of Fallujah

“For all those who fought and died for Iraqi freedom, it is a slap in the face to see the flag of al-Qaeda flying over the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. The blame for this sad state of affairs falls directly on the shoulders of President Obama, who completely walked away from Iraq without negotiating a workable status of forces agreement that would have maintained some U.S. troop presence in that country to preserve our hard-fought gains and the freedoms of the Iraqi citizens. No, Obama was more concerned with pandering to the anti-war base instead of showing true leadership.  Instead of negotiating a workable agreement with our Iraqi partners, he determined to simply pull out entirely.  This has hurt our families and warriors who fought so hard, lost so many, and the wounded are left wondering was it worth it?  And the citizens of those cities are again in the crosshairs.  Simply put, Obama wanted out because he didn’t like the pressure of having to explain, like a true leader would, why we had to follow through.” - Gary Stubblefield, Chairman of Special Operations for America

We are on the airwaves in Montana!

“Special Operations for America (SOFA) launched a TV advertising campaign in support of former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke’s campaign for Montana’s congressional seat. The campaign is running on statewide cable TV starting Wednesday, January 8. Gary Stubblefield, SOFA’s chairman, described the ad buy as “significant” and “in keeping with SOFA’s mission to elect individuals to Congress who will fight for individual freedom, limited government and free enterprise.” The TV campaign consists of two :15 second spots that highlight Zinke’s military service and his deep roots as a third-generation Montanan. Concurrently, a radio advertising campaign is running that emphasizes Zinke’s military background as well as his support for the Second Amendment, Energy Independence and opposition to Obamacare.”

Watch the two videos here & here.