powered by SenseMaker® Update!


There is a lot going on at the moment as many of you will be aware and expect some significant announcements in the near future. But there are some immediate opportunities for you.

Cognitive Edge has been actively working across a range of partners to advance developments on application specific software services that are powered by SenseMaker®. This approach allows the IP of Cognitive Edge to scale - for anyone familiar with Dave’s `Apex Predator Theory, we have crossed the chasm and are responding.

Some of these developments have been in prototype stages for much of this year while others are now entering into early commercial use. We are excited to announce a “powered by SenseMaker® Demo Week” to showcase an application that allows continuous journaling of decisions together with advanced decision support in order to identify strategic and operational needs. It provides cultural mapping and is linked to some of the key aspects of organisational resilience which are core to Cognitive Edge.

Aside from being of high value to Executives this also provides real time feedback to participants. It has been developed by our long term partner Agile42 and was originally designed with Dave at their event in Barcelona two years ago.

If you are interested in attending this virtual powered by SenseMaker® Demo session select one of two sessions that are being offered next week and we will email you details on how you can attend. Please note spaces are limited so reply early to secure your spot!

powered by SenseMaker® Demo Session 1
Wednesday September 26, 2018 at 1630 Central European Time (World clock for event)

powered by SenseMaker® Demo Session 2
Friday September 28, 2018 at 0800 Central European Time (World clock for event)

In November we will feature a 2nd “powered by SenseMaker®” demo week where we will showcase a different powered by SenseMaker® application developed by our partner in Brazil.  If you can’t make the September sessions please join us for the next series.  Parts of the sessions may be recorded and posted shortly after the demo weeks. 

Cynefin™ Retreat (Oct 14-18) - Snowdonia, Wales, UK

Join Dave Snowden and faculty participants, Dr. Anne Pendleton-Julian, and broad ranging guest faculty for a deep immersion into the exploration of complexity, the Cynefin™ framework specifically on the topic of Economics & Value in the context of design and society. The retreat will include fresh off the press results of work on the role of co-operatives in society as well as exploring the dangers and benefits of ‘nudge’ approaches to change.

Critically this retreat will bring together the work on a complexity approach to design thinking that started in Whistler earlier in the year. This third retreat of 2018 is a homecoming to the original location where it all started last year with the inaugural Cynefin™ Retreat.

Click here to register for the Cynefin™ Retreat (Oct 14-18).

We have a limited number of discount spaces that are eligible to not-for-profits, government agencies, and some independent practitioners. Email us for availability details and to check your eligibility.

Cynefin™ Train-the-Trainer (Oct 18-19) - Snowdonia, Wales, UK

We are continuing our TTT program that was developed by Cognitive Edge’s lead trainers in 2017 and launched with the Whistler, Canada retreat in June of this year. The Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations courses recently announced for Chicago, London, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong are all being delivered or co-delivered by TTT alumni. We have space available for the October Wales session. Contact us for eligibility for a combination discount with a retreat ticket or a TTT only ticket. Practitioners with prior study and practice in Cynefin™ will be eligible to fast-track to hosting their own courses following TTT attendance and a joint delivery with a Cognitive Edge lead trainer.

Cynefin™ Foundations Online

Our newly launched online virtual Cynefin Foundations course continues to sell out quickly while we launch it in phases this year.  We are working to make this course available on a continuous basis to accommodate the popularity of this online course. Check-out the latest session available and grab a spot if you have not had a chance to take Cynefin™ training yet or would like a refresher!

If you have any other questions please email us.


Elmi and the CE team!