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Corporates: Go Green with Rooftop Solar PV installation without initial investment

Solar photovoltaic systems are gaining traction globally as its rapid technology development has allow it to become cheaper and more efficient to run. While the majority of electricity generated from solar panels are run in large-scale solar farms funded though huge investments, did you know that you can also generate your own electricity needs by yourself with Solar PV panels from your own rooftop without initial investment from your side?

PRIME Consultancy has teamed up with an investor who invests in larger scale solar panel photo voltaic systems and also specialises in Solar PV installations for offices, hotels, factories, malls and so on.

The Solar PV system will be installed on your company rooftops and your company will enter into a power purchase agreement with the investor purchasing the produced electricity for the next 25 years slightly below the prevailing PLN tariff. The minimum size is 1 MW (equivalent to roughly 13,000 sqm rooftop needed for the solar panels).

Aside from the immediate financial benefits in the form of savings in electricity costs and a positive return of investment with high visibility, your company will also reduce the carbon footprint and energy emissions generated through a reliable, sustainable form of electricity generation.

If you are interested to learn more please contact me via my email at volker.bromund@prime-consultancy.com.

Kind regards,

Volker Bromund                                 
Executive Director