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4th ICSM - One Week To Go!

The 4th International Consultation on Sexual Medicine begins one week from today. We hope to see you in Madrid June 19 - 21, 2015 for this important conference.

The full scientific program, including all abstracts and digital versions of posters, can be accessed online here. You'll find a number of informative sessions on male and female sexual dysfunction, experimental models, diagnostics, treatments, and more.

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Pain Acceptance May Benefit Couples Coping with PVD

Accepting the pain of provoked vestibulodynia (PVD) could have benefits for male and female partners, according to Canadian researchers.

Women with PVD experience pain in the vestibule, the area of the vulva located near the opening of the vagina. The pain may occur during a pelvic exam, while inserting a tampon, and during sexual intercourse.

Many couples avoid sexual activity because of the pain, which can strain relationships.

Past research on chronic pain suggests that accepting the pain could diminish it to some extent.

The research team explored this idea with 61 heterosexual couples in which the woman had PVD. Both partners completed questionnaires designed to evaluate pain, depression, anxiety, sexual function, and sexual satisfaction.

When women could accept the pain, the pain decreased.  They were also less anxious and depressed. Male partners had similar results.

By accepting the pain, the women may have been able to concentrate more on the pleasurable aspects of sex, the researchers suggested.

The study was first published online in April in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Please click here for more details. 

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