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Journal of Sexual Medicine: Publons Now Available for Reviewers

Starting this month, reviewers for The Journal of Sexual Medicine will have the option to record their reviews on their Publons profile!

Publons is a reviewer credit service affiliated with Clarivate. Publons tracks reviewer activity and generates a public record, which researchers can then show to administrators or professional development committees to demonstrate their peer review contributions. There will be an opt-in option presented to reviewers during the review process.

Click here to register for Publons and create a profile today!

Genitourinary Problems in Sexual Minority/Majority Adults are Similar

Older sexual minority and sexual majority adults have many genitourinary complaints in common, according to a recent Journal of Sexual Medicine study. 

Sexual minority men were described as men who have sex with men at any time. Sexual minority women had sex with women at any time. 

In a group of 2,813 men and women (median age 70), sexual majority and minority adults had similar rates of sexual dysfunction. 

However, more sexual minority women than sexual majority women engaged in oral sex.  Urinary incontinence was more common in sexual minority men than in sexual majority men. 

Learn more about the study here. 

ESSM School of Sexual Medicine: ISSM Scholarship Deadline Approaching

There are just over three weeks left to apply for an ISSM scholarship to the European Society of Sexual Medicine's School of Sexual Medicine to be held November 8 - 17, 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.

Applications must be received by June 3, 2019.

Ten scholarships are available to first-time attendees of the program.

This annual program is intended for clinicians who wish to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to practice in sexual medicine and clinical sexology.

Each scholarship covers the full registration fee, which includes tuition, meals, and accommodations.

Click here for more information on eligibility criteria and application instructions.

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