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Who pushed back against the impossible? 

A rare dedicated man whose dogged determination saved the lives of his crew and stood up to his Chinese tormentors. His name is Shane Osborn and he’s a bona fide American Hero. Now he has Washington, D.C. and Harry Reid in his sights and the Liberal Lobbyists don’t have a clue what they’re in for.

Shane Osborn is running a no-holds-barred, hold-nothing-back conservative campaign for the United States Senate in Nebraska. We need your strong support now to help launch him to victory. When you hear his amazing story, I know you will push to the front of the line to help.

Patriot, click on this link, take a look at the TV ad Special Operations for America is running now to help him, and keep it on the air with your special contribution of $20, $30, $40, $50, $100, or even $245 today -- each $245 we raise enables us to run our ad another time, so please be generous.

Shane Osborn sacrificed for his country. In 2001, as a U.S. Navy Lieutenant, he was piloting a surveillance plane off the coast of China over international waters when he was harassed by a Chinese jet fighter pilot showing off by flying wing-to-wing with Osborn’s jet. The reckless Chinese pilot lost control, hit and crippled our plane, and Shane’s jet went into a deep dive. Shane was able to recover control, land the plane, and save his crew of 23, but he was taken hostage, confined, and interrogated. After 12 days, Shane and his crew returned home to a hero’s welcome.

Patriot, this is the kind of hard-charging, never-surrender hero we need to save America. With your help, Shane’s victory and his go-to-Washington-and-attack-the-left-wingers attitude will get our country back on track.

When voters are reminded of Shane’s amazing sacrifice and story, they are going to send him to the United States Senate where he’s going to make a difference. Shane Osborn believes in our Constitutional rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness even if the Far Left does not.

Do what Shane did. Take action now. Make your secure online contribution to Special Operations for America and keep our TV ad on the air. Shane Osborn has the guts, grit, dogged determination, and sense of duty in the marrow of his bones to make a BIG DIFFERENCE in Washington. Send him there to fight for us with your contribution of $10, 35, $50, $100, $245, or even $500. Do it now, for Shane Osborn and the country we love.

Gary Stubblefield
Chairman Special Operations for America
20 Years in the U.S. Navy
Commanding Officer of SEAL Team THREE

P.S. When America needed a hero, Shane Osborn was there for us. Now it’s our time to give Shane Osborn the lift he needs to go to the United States Senate. Act fast. Be generous. Make your secure online contribution to Special Operations for America for $10 or $50 or $100 or even $245 today.