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Volume 20: October 2014

Dr. Wise introduces our Music Education Issue!

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE to hear former music teacher, and current Distinctive Schools Chief Education Officer, Dr. Joseph Wise, share his belief in the importance of music education at Distinctive Schools and for all children.

Closing the Gap with Music

When you watch a class of five and six year olds singing in a school performance, you think, “cute” right? Ok, maybe “very cute”, but do you ever think, “Wow, this unbelievably fun and cute performance is really helping ready these kindergarteners for first grade math and literacy”? Probably not, but then again, maybe you should. Full story here... | En Español

Commitment Spotlight: Optimism

Second in this school year’s six-part series illustrating the Distinctive Schools “Core Commitments”: academic excellence, social justice, optimism, literacy, ethics and integrity, and diversity. 

Last year, Distinctive Schools Community Engagement Manager, Michael Cotter, explored the Distinctive Schools Core Commitment of optimism through the lens of CICS Prairie. In asserting that optimism is not necessarily an innate disposition, but a core value that can be learned, practiced, and strengthened over time, Mike surely opened the minds of many. Whether or not you agree, one thing is certain: we all know what makes us happy. And in the context of pleasurable activities or experiences, it’s no secret that music is near the top of any list. 
Full story here...

Students Ponder Future at High School Fair

On October 15, students from Distinctive Schools’ Chicago campuses convened at CICS Bucktown for the 4th Annual Distinctive Schools High School Fair. There, 230 eighth graders took advantage of the opportunity to explore the wide variety high school options that make the high school selection process unique, and often challenging, for many Chicago students. Full story here...


Parent Profile: Doris Fregoso, CICS West Belden

This month, we interview Doris Fregoso, whose daughters Maya and Ismari attend CICS West Belden.

CICS West Belden Director, Mr. Frauenheim says that, “Ms. Fregoso is amazing! She volunteers whenever she can and she is always so supportive of anything and everything we are doing at West Belden. She is always positive and jumps in to help on top of working full-time. Ms. Fregoso believes in WB and we are very lucky to have her as a parent at our school. Ms. Fregoso’s support at our school is so appreciated!”  Read the full interview...


News from the Schools

Spend a school day in Dr. Keith "Doc" Hampton's interactive music classes at CICS Bucktown .

Listen to CICS Irving Park Puma DJs spin the hits

CICS Jackson students sing about Halloween.

CICS Prairie students create and perform three-layered ostinatos.

Hear CICS West Belden 5th graders perform an ode to their Next Generation learning environment