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Focus on Scripture

Upcoming passages at One Place:

October 6: 1 Kings 9-11 (Susan Zork)

October 13: 1 Kings 12 (Kenley Hall)

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For in the overflow is where God shows His all!

Due to the overwhelming number of people joining the One Place community each week, we are now pleased to offer two overflow seating rooms!

Each room is designed to allow for members and visitors alike to experience the sermon and special features as they are streamed live over a video feed. While prayer, and announcements will be offered in each room to allow for a more participatory fellowship environment.

Overflow rooms can be found in BUL 250 and 251 adjacent to the upstairs entrances.

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Keep us updated!

Your One Place community would love for you to be celebrated on your birthday or anniversary. Email us or post a comment on the One Place Facebook page letting us know when your special days are.

We bring You more than a song

Last week's offering totaled $230. Thank you all for your generous giving.

Offering baskets are always available on tables at each of the lower entrances as well as one table upstairs between the upper entrances. Drop in loose donations or you may place it in a provided envelope and mark it for One Place. 

One Place Events planning meeting

The Events planning team is converging for a meeting of the minds on Friday, October 13 to tackle the task of preparing a calendar of One Place gatherings for the upcoming year. This is an open invitation for anyone who has an opinion of how to create a greater community experience inside and out of Newbold Auditorium. 

For more information, visit the Facebook event page or contact Ashley Weber with any questions. 

Jazz Hands!

When Emily's quirky requests and iPhone technology collide, this is what results. Jazz hands at One Place! Thanks to everyone who made last week's service so very special. 

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Sabbath School at One Place

Everyone is welcomed to join in on the conversation in progress each week in the Buller Hall Student Lounge at 11:45am. Come for the fellowship and stay for the conversation and closer study of the Scripture passages being preached on in Newbold Auditorium.

Teen Sabbath School

A brand new Sabbath school is now being offered for our 11-15 year old teens joining us each week. The group meets in BUL 149 at 10:00am.

Congratulations Kayleen!

Cheers to Kayleen Burt for passing her Board exams last week! Our One Place family is proud to announce the newest RN to the medical field! Praise God for what you will do in this world Kayleen! We love you!

One Place thanks you!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the year that was in One Place's brief history! Be sure to check out the pictures on Facebook from last week's birthday celebration.

In case you missed the ceremonial lighting of Michael Suarez's beautifully custom-made cake, be sure to watch the video on our page to see it in all its fiery glory. Here's to another year worth honoring! 

For the One.

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One Place Costume Contest Extravaganza!

One Place will be hosting a Costume Contest Extravaganza on October 13 at 8:00pm at the Howard Performing Arts Center. There will be a $1 entry fee. All costumes are encouraged as long as they are not scary, satanic, or skimpy!

Keep it creative. Keep it classy.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the best three costumes of the night. We hope to see you there!

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AU Student Missionary Spotlight

Ashley Breen has been approved to work in the position as a second grade teacher at the Yap SDA School in Micronesia. She is currently working on raising money for her ticket so she can leave.

While she is working to secure her place in the mission field to help the children of Yap you see above, let us lift her up in prayer as well as in words of affirmation and support by sending an e-mail her way.

AU Student Missionary Spotlight

Melissa Breetzke has been working as an English Teacher and Translator for the South American Division under the Servicio Voluntario Adventista in Brazil since June.  She plans on returning in December.

While she is still away, please send your warm words of encouragement her way via e-mail to let her know that she is in our prayers as she assists the people of Brazil in a special way. 

In the name of the Beautiful Son, you are welcomed to take the next step

If you are interested in learning more about baptism or would like to begin preparing for baptism, please contact any of the One Place pastoral team or contact Aaron.

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For the One

Celebrating the supremacy of Jesus in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The One Project comes to Chicago, IL February 11-12, 2013!

A two-day symposium seeking - through gatherings, conversations, web-based content, and Christ-focused publications - to stimulate preaching, worship, and adoration of Jesus within and through the Adventist church.

We have over 1/3 of the spaces taken for the One project gathering in Chicago. Chicago plans are growing every week. We will be offering live translation into Spanish and thanks to Rod and Zan Long we have created the One project kids option. More details will follow next month. We have expanded the schedule around the gathering with two extra opportunities.

First, for those who arrive early you are welcome to sign up for one of the Conversations.  These take place Sunday evening and are limited to 8 people per Conversation.

Second, you could join us each evening after the gathering for the Intersection. At the Intersection we will explore what it means to put Jesus. All. in action. The question we often get is "how do we go further with this conversation and move it into praxis". This is the opportunity to move into the practice of Jesus. All. And to share with others what works, what might work, and the challenges we all face in a Jesus. All. ministry.

Explore and define the intersections where theories can become concrete solutions, theology finds implementation, and thoughts meet action.

To find out more information contact Japhet De Oliveira or Tyler Stewart. To sign up, visit the One Project website.

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