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PSA Teachers' E-Newsletter: October 2016

Dear Colleagues, 

We hope that you have had a relaxing Half Term Break.

Last week the PSA Teachers' Network Committee met for the first time and the Committee, led by Dr David Wendelken has already began work to provide more events and resources to benefit you as teacher members of the PSA. 

This month, the PSA launches a new 'In Conversation' video resource on the US Elections. We also provide news about the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences and Parliament Week

In Conversation: US Elections 2016

Following on from the launch last month of the first 'In Conversation' video on Brexit, this month we publish a video on the US Elections 2016. 

This episode sees Alison Hall (Xaverian College) speak to Professor Angelia Wilson, Professor of Politics at Manchester University on the issue of contemporary US Politics and the US Elections. 

The link to the video is here

If you have any suggestions of any particular issues and themes that you would like to be covered then please contact Josh Niderost.

Where’s East in the North-South Divide? - Last Chance to Sign Up

The PSA will be holding a seminar day on English devolution and local government reform as part of the Economic and Social Research Council's Festival of Social Science

This public event is entitled ‘Where’s East in the North-South Divide’ and it will take place at POLIS, University of Cambridge on Sunday 6 November from 11.30 to 15.00.

In more detail, the event will examine Eastern England/East Anglia’s place in the context of devolution and local government reform across England, which too often focuses on the North-South divide. 

In the morning there will be a panel with academics, which will explore English devolution outside of Eastern England/East Anglia and across time followed by a Q&A. This will include case studies from London, the North and the Midlands.

This will be followed by an afternoon panel with local decision makers in discussion with the public about democracy within Eastern England, the ‘East Anglia Devolution Agreement’ (2016), and how the public can take greater ownership of democracy through devolution or alternatives. Speakers will include Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of Cambridge City Council and David Howarth, the former MP for Cambridge. 

The event is free and a buffet lunch will be provided for attendees.

In order to register your attendance please sign up via this link

Further information about the event is available on the ESRC's Festival of Social Science site here. Other events are taking place across the country as part of November's Festival. Please take a look here for events listings by region.  

UK Parliament Week

This year's Parliament Week will run from 14-20 November. 

During Parliament Week organisations across the UK run events and activities throughout the week which explore what the UK Parliament means to them and their community.

These include events and talks such as Question Times; Film Screenings; and even Online events. Some of these activities are specifically focused on young people. 

There is something for everyone with events taking place throughout the nations and regions. You can search for events that are local to you via the following link. You can also follow events online using the hashtag #UKPW16, 

The Orwell Youth Prize 2017 - Theme Launch

The Orwell Youth Prize aims to inspire and support the next generation of politically engaged young writers. They have just launched their theme for 2017 - Identity

The Orwell Youth Prize offers young people a journey that progresses through workshops provoking debate, to hearing from writers about the tools for effective communication. It is a catalyst for young people to write about what they think and what they see, receiving feedback from mentors and peers. Students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents and abilities beyond the curriculum: and for those who want to change the world the Orwell Youth Prize offers a platform where their voice, through their writing, can influence power.

The Orwell Youth Prize runs workshops, the Prize itself and a Celebration Day for Prize entrants. 

The writing prize is open to young people aged 14 - 18. You do not need to have participated in a workshop to enter the Prize. Entries should be up to 1000 words long, in any format e.g. a journalistic report, an essay, a play script, a short story, a poem...

All entrants to the Orwell Youth Prize get the opportunity to receive personalised feedback on a first draft. The deadline for first drafts is 1st May 2017. If you would like to attend a regional workshop the deadline is 1st February 2017. The final deadline for entries is 15th May 2017.

There is more information about how to enter, and more information about this year's theme, on The Orwell Youth Prize website here

News from the PSA Blog

The PSA Blog features contemporary content from academic members of the PSA in response to news or fresh research findings. 

Articles this month focus on the upcoming US Presidential election, which has been the most unprecedented contest in living memory. 

Alex Keena (University of Richmond) and others write on Republicans will likely keep their House majority – even if Clinton wins by a landslide – and it’s because of partisan gerrymandering. Here’s how we know.

William Crotty (Northeastern University, Boston) reviewed the Vice Presidential Debate in The Vice Presidential Debate: Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence

Turning to UK affairs Ben Margulies (Warwick University) asks the question: Are the Lib Dems in a position to take advantage of post-Brexit politics?

Keeping up-to-date with the PSA schools' initiatives

Follow the PSA on Twitter or search for the #PSAschools hashtag for real time updates on all our schools' activities, news and campaigns.

As a PSA Teacher Member you have full access to the Schools’ Area of the PSA website.  Here you can find all the latest information about the following initiatives we offer to schools:

•         Free Speakers Programmes for Schools sessions
•         Free professional development resources
•         Free subscriptions to leading publications, including Political Insight
•         Priority registration to PSA schools' events
•         Priority registration for student career workshops

Keeping In Touch...

Don't forget, members can access the Teachers' e-News archive online here.

We're always keen to hear from you, so please keep in touch or let the PSA know how we can serve you better. If you feel any colleagues would be interested in this e-Newsletter, please forward them a copy.

With very best wishes,

Josh Niderost

Programme Development and Outreach Officer

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PSA Head Office, 113a Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6HJ.