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CSL Completes Management Buyout and Adds Strategic Investor

We are pleased to announce that Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) management has completed the purchase of the company from the original investors. To support the projected growth of CSL, a major investment and long-term financial commitment was reached with CSL manufacturing partner, Seveco International, in conjunction with the buyout.  Seveco has been a primary manufacturing partner for CSL in recent years, as well as engaging in OEM manufacturing for many global companies requiring advanced products with various embedded radio platforms.

The inclusion of Seveco as a strategic investor brings additional strong engineering and production expertise, as well as better economies of scale for expansion.  We will continue to support existing RFID product lines, and the company has plans for expansion. 

See full press release here.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and suggestions for the next generation products.

Best Regards,

Jerry Garrett
CSL Managing Director