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An extraordinary Australian startup story - sharing the benefits of employee ownership and engagement

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We are really excited to share with you the first in our video series about startup companies that are using employee ownership effectively.

Culture Amp is a leading startup in Australia. A huge part of that success has been taking their employees through the ownership journey to build a highly engaged workforce.

Rod Hamilton, Culture Amp, Co-Founder & VP of Product, says the language used in the company has changed, from ‘well it is your company what do you think…’, to, now, ‘everyone owns part of this company, and the decisions we all make impact the outcome for the company’.

Culture Amp is one of the first companies to take up relatively new employee ownership legislative changes for start-ups.

Our media release is attached here for your perusal.

You can view an online interview with Rod Hamilton and Douglas English (Culture Amp Co-Founder & VP of Engineering) here.

We hope that you will find story of Australian business success as inspiring as we do.

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