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Study: Women with FSOD Need More Intense Clitoral Stimulation

"Clitoral hyposensitivity" might explain some cases of female sexual orgasmic disorder (FSOD), researchers report. 

Their study, published online in December in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, focused on physiological factors associated with FSOD. 

They worked with 199 women who were patients at a sexual dysfunction clinic. Eighty-nine women had FSOD; the rest had sexual complaints, but not FSOD.

Using quantitative sensory testing (QST), the researchers measured each woman's sensation thresholds for the vagina and the clitoris. 

Sensory thresholds tended to be higher for women with FSOD, the researchers said. More intense stimulation was necessary for the women to feel sensation. 

Learn more about the study.  

In the Forum

Two new discussions began in the ISSM Men's Sexual Health Forum this week. 

In the first thread, a member asked about the safety of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Does TRT lower immunity? 

The second discussion focused on hypersensation in the penis after ejaculation and the possible causes of this situation. 

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