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Celebrating National School Choice Week!

Our families, teachers, and administrators come from a myriad of different backgrounds, speak different languages, and bring their own unique ideas to the Distinctive Schools community. Every day, Distinctive Schools celebrates these differences and the diversity of our cultures and ideas, but there is one homogenous trait shared by every family, teacher, and administrator: we all choose to be at our respective schools... Full story...

Tell our elected officials: We choose charters!

This week, millions of charter public school advocates celebrated National School Choice Week and the right to empower families to choose a school that best fits their child's needs. Show your support by joining INCS and the 63,000 Illinois charter public schools students across the state by writing your legislator to tell them you believe in the power of high-quality public school options for families.

Take Action!

Parent Profile: Linda Cabrales, CICS Bucktown

This month, we interview Linda Cabrales, whose children Damian and Dahlia attend CICS Bucktown.

Ms. Cabrales describes why she chose CICS Bucktown and how she supports her children's education at home. 

Read the interview...


Why is school choice important?

School directors share some ways in which school choice contributes to the positive cultures of their schools.

CICS Bucktown and Ms. Krier say dedication

CICS Irving Park and Ms. Breo cite culture.

CICS Jackson and Ms. Watson say that it builds community.

CICS Prairie and Ms. Shaw believe that it adds to student voice.

CICS West Belden and Mr. Frauenheim point to personalization.