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27 March 2017

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Gareth's update on changes in Gambling Compliance

Change is the new normal!  We certainly believe that at Internal Affairs where the opportunity to stretch and learn new skills is one of the benefits of working for a large and diverse public sector organisation.

So, you may not be surprised to learn that some changes have taken place to the line-up here and this article is to let you know about those and to reassure you that our strategic direction and approach to the gambling sector won't be changing.


We are welcoming back Maarten Quivooy to the role of General Manager, Regulatory Services. As you will remember, Maarten has been on secondment to the Office of Ethnic Communities and will return to his substantive role shortly.

In the meantime, I am filling in for Maarten, as acting General Manager.

The short term gap is caused by Raj (Krishnan)'s move into the role of General Manager, Policy which became vacant on Friday.

Sue Ingram is filling in for me as acting Director, Gambling Compliance Group and Neove Christoforou is acting manager, Sector Initiatives.

While these may sound like lots of changes I'm confident you will notice little difference. That's because our strategic direction and approach to the gambling sector has been set by our strategic framework which guides our work and ensures consistency.

As many of you realise, that's the importance of having a good, sustainable guiding framework in place - it outlives individuals and provides staff with long-living goals and good governance.
I believe we all share common goals. Those are that we have a trusted and reputable sector, sustainable community funding and the harm from problem gambling is minimised.

The next few months are busy ones for the Gambling Compliance Group, particularly in the area of harm minimisation,but also with our targeted audit programme and building improvements in the way we process licence applications.

This work programme will not be affected by my temporary move to the seat of General Manager and I will still be very much involved.

If you have any concerns or queries, please don't hesitate to contact me or Sue.