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Monthly e-newsletter. May 2018

Knowledge Mobilisation Conference 2018

Knowledge Mobilisation Conference 2018

The Sax Institute’s Knowledge Mobilisation Conference 2018, in Sydney on July 4-5, provides an opportunity to hear from international and Australian experts in knowledge mobilisation, share your research and to meet with others working in this emerging field.

This conference will provide a forum for describing and debating new findings about what works to embed research into health and social policy, practice and service delivery – and ultimately in improving health outcomes.


MBS/PBS Training course

The Sax Institute invites you to attend this seminar on working with MBS and PBS data, which will provide insights into the multiple ways these datasets can be used. 


This introductory seminar will be of interest to researchers, policymakers and health service/program planning teams new to working with MBS and PBS data. The seminar is designed for those planning to use Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study or similar for linked data research and those interested in driving policy and practice change.

Evidence Check

Wellbeing indicators across the life cycle

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) developed the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework, which has seven domains of wellbeing and identifies key stages in an individual’s life cycle. This review rates the useability of indicators of wellbeing against three criteria: frequency of use by existing reputable frameworks; consistency or reliability of the link to wellbeing in the published academic literature; and availability of data to measure the indicator.

news and opinions

Putting patients first in health data systems

What can health researchers learn from the dating website OK Cupid (aside from whether other people find them attractive)? Quite a lot, according to the Sax Institute’s Professor Emily Banks.

The Scientific Director of the Sax Institute’s Research Assets Division, Prof Banks told a recent Research Australia discussion panel that dating websites such as OK Cupid provided a lesson in how to use data to feed back actionable information to consumers – a technique the health system would do well to copy.

Ways of Seeing
Latest news

'Ways of Seeing' Art Auction

The Sax Institute has achieved a huge amount in its first 15 years, and recently we held our first event designed to introduce the Institute to the business community. The event, called ‘Ways of Seeing’, was made possible by the generosity of a number of leading Australian artists and art collectors, who donated 17 works to the Institute.

Evidence Check

Homelessness at Transition

People leaving government-funded services have an elevated risk of becoming homeless. This review examines the evidence about who is most likely to experience homelessness at this time, and how we can best support people to prevent this from happening. The availability and strength of the evidence varies across pathways and interventions, but overall the strength of the evidence is low and there are many gaps. The authors conclude with suggestions about ways to build the evidence base.


Opportunities to impact health policy and program delivery

We are currently recruiting for two positions in our Communications team - a Digital Communications Officer and a Media and Editorial Manager.

The Communications and Information Division supports the CEO and the wider organisation by shaping and delivering a wide range of strategies and activities designed to protect, enhance and grow the Institute’s profile and reputation. Please visit our careers page for a position description.