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31 MAY 2018

Internal focus

Obituary: a researcher with all his heart
Nobel Laureate, medical doctor and physiologist Jens Christian Skou, was an ardent advocate for the need to carry out research in Denmark without having a strategic eye for external funding. Under the conditions that today’s researchers are subject to, he would probably not have earned the most coveted and prestigious honorary award in the world. Emeritus Professor Jens Christian Skou has now passed away, 99 years old.

Nobel Laureate, medical doctor and physiologist Jens Christian Skou has died
Medical doctor and physiologist from Aarhus University, Emeritus Professor Jens Christian Skou, recipient of the most coveted and prestigious honorary award, The Nobel Prize, died on 28 May 2018. He was 99 years old.

Skepticism about science should be meet with understanding
Ignorance is not what leads to resistance to science. Identity, political viewpoint and religious beliefs are what affect susceptibility to facts. This is according to professor of philosophy and researcher into scientific skepticism, Klemens Kappel, who visited the academic council at Health and provided some good advice on the communication of facts – also to those who deny them.


After 40 years in limbo: Styrene is probably carcinogenic
With register-based research from Aarhus University providing new human evidence, WHO has determined that styrene which is found in some plastic products is 'probably' carcinogenic for humans. The decision cements the value of the unique Danish registers, says professor of occupational medicine Henrik Kolstad.

From Science to Sales

Over the course of the summer, INside Health will be focusing on some of the entrepreneurial doctors and researchers at Health who might also add ‘developer’ or ‘inventor’ to their business cards. In every newsletter, we offer you a fresh take on how to go from ‘Science to Sales’.

Exam notes became an iBook Store bestseller
As newly graduated medical doctors, Jens Sundbøll and Morten Schmidt from Health decided that their exam notes ought to be put to good use. So they developed the app and bestseller 'Intern Medicin’ (‘Internal Medicine' in English) and founded a company that has now led to new opportunities for collaboration.


Do you want to be an educational ambassador?
Are you an active member of the teaching staff with a passion for innovating and developing the teaching - both your own and others? Then you can now become part of Health's network of educational ambassadors. The deadline for applications is 18 June 2018.

people news

Jørgen Frøkiær to become the new head of the Department of Clinical Medicine
In July, Professor Jørgen Frøkiær will take up the position of department head at the Department of Clinical Medicine. He brings with him a cultural understanding based on long-standing knowledge of the research and teaching that takes place at both the department and Aarhus University Hospital.

Health researcher receives millions towards the prevention of heart failure
Associate Professor, Consultant and DMSc Søren Nielsen from the Department of Clinical Medicine will receive almost DKK five million over a five-year period from the Novo Nordisk Foundation towards his research into increased cardiovascular risk and heart failure in overweight people and patients with type 2 diabetes.

DKK five million towards research into the prevention of hereditary heart disease
Associate Professor Henrik Kjærulf Jensen from the Department of Clinical Medicine has received DKK five million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation towards research into the prevention of sudden death caused by hereditary heart disease.

Grant towards better treatment of patients with multimorbidity in general practice
The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded DKK 1.6 million towards research into the effective treatment of patients with complex medical histories. The recipient is medical doctor and postdoc Anders Prior from the Department of Public Health.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation supports researcher from Aarhus
Associate Professor Marina Romero-Ramos from Aarhus University has received DKK one million from the Michael J. Fox Foundation for a research project that will investigate changes in the immune system in connection with Parkinson's disease.

Familiar face to become visiting professor at Aarhus University
Jo (Jozef Gabriel R.) De Mey will be affiliated with Aarhus University as visiting professor at the Department of Biomedicine. Though it will be far from the first visit to Aarhus for the researcher specialising in cardiovascular diseases.

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