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The Hon. Joe Hockey Addresses the Crescent Institute - 11 June 2013

The Crescent Institute was delighted to welcome The Hon. Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasurer and Federal Member for North Sydney.

With less than 100 days to the federal election, the event attracted a diverse range of guests from various industries and organisations. The evening proceeded with Michael Chaaya (Partner, Corrs) welcoming all guests for the evening. This was shortly followed with an opening message by the Patron of Crescent Institute, Talal Yassine, acknowledging the long-term partners Fujitsu, Crescent Wealth and Corrs Chambers Westgarth for their ongoing support and dedication to the Institute.


This was followed by an exciting announcement of the Crescent Institute's new partners - Emirates Airlines and KPMG. Mr Yassine acknowledged both these global organisations and thanked them for their support. 

Talal as Patron of the Institute introduced The Hon. Joe Hockey more formally noting his achievements personally and in government. Mr Hockey commenced his address to the Crescent Institute by thanking the hosts, Corrs, noting   "It's great to be back at my old law firm". 

Mr Hockey then proceeded by emphasising his proud heritage, "I have never denied my heritage and in-fact I am very proud of it". He noted that during discussion with Crescent Institute members prior to taking the stage he discovered that they originated from the Syrian town of Aleppo which coincidently is where his grandfather originated from and still have a building there named after the 'Hockey' family. Mr Hockey further delved into his family history having links throughout the Middle East including Jaffa and Bethlehem in Palestine.

He then fast-forwarded a number of years with his parents settling in Australia, "I grew up in a very Arabic household that involved a lot of hard work in small business. Now it's almost inconceivable but someone with a Palestinian father may become the next treasurer of Australia...Isn't that great! Isn't that what it's all about?" Mr Hockey emphasised the great opportunity Australia brings to all people and followed with the Coalitions 'four point plan' leading into the election to continue this tradition - 'It's a plan that focuses on values, values of enterprise, freedom, the right to be able to do what you choose and conduct business the way you choose."

Mr Hockey during the course of his speech highlighted the need to increase engagement with Australia's neighbours in particular Indonesia - the largest Muslim country in the world and predicted to have the third largest economy globally within fifty years. He emphasised the importance of Indonesia by stating that if elected on the 14th of September, his first trip abroad, within a week, will be to Indonesia.

Mr Hockey concluded by stating his confidence in Australia, its future and its robust growth as a nation - "prosperity is engrained in its DNA."

However the highlight of the evening for most if not all who attended was the questions and answers segment. Mr Hockey 'braced' himself, ready for the many tough questions to come.

Questions ranged from the Coalitions plan to repeal certain legislation that currently prosecutes hate talk  followed by questions on International relations including foreign policy decisions that have seen Australia partake in Afghanistan and Iraq. Other questions included plans for the education system such as a Gonski reform equivalent, asylum seeker issues as well as Superannuation and GST plans in the coming few years should the Coalition be elected in September.

As a token of its appreciation, The Crescent Institute presented Mr Hockey with a unique and original piece of art by Peter Gould depicting an image of Jerusalem reflecting Mr Hockey's Palestinian heritage.

The Crescent Institute would sincerely like to thank Mr Hockey for his attendance and his address particularly during an election year. Additionally the Institute would like to thank its sponsors for their generous support and again welcome Emirates Airlines and KPMG as partners.

The Crescent Institute will present a further two Leadership Series events this year with the upcoming event scheduled for August with Telstra C.E.O David Thodey. Stay tuned to our Facebook and website for more details.

Finally the Institute would like to thank all members and guests who attended the evening. The event would not have been possible without you and hope you had an enjoyable time. 




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We look forward to seeing you at our future events in 2013 

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